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In Support Of Greenville Activists, HCGOP Censures State Leader

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David Hucks
David Hucks is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at

Last night 37 Horry County E.C. GOP members voted to censure SCGOP State Chairman Drew McKissick. The vote was taken in response to ongoing skirmishes between duly elected Greenville GOP leaders and McKissick (on one side) and the activist leaders of the MYSCGOP in Greenville on the other.

The back and forth from activists in the Greenville GOP made front page headlines in that area over the past few weeks. As the Greenville News reported:

Claims of Bullying – Key Elected Leaders Step Down

The leadership of the Greenville County Republican Party resigned Thursday after a heated meeting earlier this week. 

“Continual lawsuits, threats of lawsuits, intimidation, threats, bullying, disenfranchisement and character assassination, as promised by the leadership of mySCGOP and Greenville Tea Party do not advance anything positive, much less promote any level of political discourse or change,” three of the county party’s leaders said in a joint statement released late Thursday.

The statement was signed by chairwoman Jennifer Black, vice chair Stacy Shea, and executive committeeman Randy Page. Page happens to be the Chief of Staff for Bob Jones University. All three stepped down in light of what they called ongoing harassments.

“While we have patiently sought resolution, addressed the constant baseless accusations, and always demonstrated transparency and a willingness to move forward, it has been met with barricades at every turn.”

Activists at war with Greenville GOP and SCGOP. Lynch helps fund “Rock The Red” and MySCGOP efforts. Stutts and Davis are key operatives in this group.

To Whom it May Concern:   I am resigning as Executive Committeeman for Mill Swamp/Rehobeth Methodist precinct effective immediately.  The HCGOP appears to be a place full of division and drama of which I do not wish to be a participant. I do not feel that it is worth my time and effort to be involved in this any longer.   I was hoping to be a part of something cohesive that would be of service to Horry County and its constituents, but this has not been the case.   I hope this turns around in time, but I do not plan to wait it out. Good luck with the party in the future.   -Adrian Rossi



Ongoing Facebook rants by what has turned out the be the muscle of both the Greenville and HCGOP activists have caused buyers remorse among some HCGOP members.

Thirty seven people in total voted yes to censure SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick. This out of a conservative county that has 330,000 residents.

One now former HCGOP member called MyrtleBeachSC News last night and said the meeting was curious at best. She described it as “Curious” spelled with a “Q”.

This in response to NBC’s report calling HCGOP State EC Tracy Bean Diaz one of the key founders of Qanon.

Tracy Bean Diaz
Tracy Bean Diaz

Wrote NBC: Qanon was just another unremarkable part of the “anon” genre until November 2017, when two moderators of the 4chan board where Q posted predictions, who went by the usernames Pamphlet Anon and BaruchtheScribe, reached out to Tracy Diaz, according to Diaz’s blogs and YouTube videos. BaruchtheScribe, in reality a self-identified web programmer from South Africa named Paul Furber, confirmed that account to NBC News.

Diaz, a small-time YouTube star who once hosted a talk show on the fringe right-wing network Liberty Movement Radio, had found moderate popularity with a couple of thousand views for her YouTube videos analyzing WikiLeaks releases and discussing the “pizzagate” conspiracy, a baseless theory that alleged a child sex ring was being run out of a Washington pizza shop.

As Diaz tells it in a blog post detailing her role in the early days of Qanon, she banded together with the two moderators. Their goal, according to Diaz, was to build a following for Qanon — which would mean bigger followings for them as well.

On Nov. 3, 2017, just six days after the first 4chan post from “Q,” Diaz posted a video entitled “/POL/- Q Clearance Anon – Is it #happening???” in which she introduced the conspiracy theory to her audience.

“I do not typically do videos like this,” she said, but citing Q’s “very specific and kind of eerie” posts, Diaz explained that she would be covering the 4chan posts, “just in case this stuff turns out to be legit because honestly it kind of seems legit.”

That video, which has been viewed nearly 250,000 times, made Diaz one of the earliest people to seize on “Q” posts and decipher them for a conspiracy-hungry audience. Diaz followed with dozens more Q-themed videos.

Because I cover Q, I got an audience,” Diaz acknowledged in a video that NBC News reviewed last week before she deleted it.


What these new HCGOP outsider leaders are missing is the history on just how independent Horry County continues to be. It is in the county’s DNA.

Neither their message, nor the the candidates they hope to “parachute” into the county from the Greenville area, resonate with long term locals. Ongoing strife, coupled with a “scorched earth” mindset is also largely rejected by retirees who live in Longs and Carolina Forest.

It is simply too conspiracy theory for most locals.


Allen is the preferred candidate of Greenville supported HCGOP activists.


The collective hopes of this new HCGOP leadership, along with the MYSCGOP group in Greenville, is to form an entirely new SCGOP operating out of Greenville, S.C. state-wide.


While this group literally wears the Trump name out, the MYSCGOP crowd is not endorsed by Former President Donald Trump.

McKissick greets Former President Donald Trump

During his landslide win for State Chairman, Drew McKissick was endorsed by Trump a total of three times.


The biggest issue that comes from this new leadership is their willingness to win at any cost. Misleading, bullying and lying are certainly not beneath them in their efforts to win.

After our June 6th article about HCGOP EC Caton body slamming a protestor at the ROCK THE RED convention.

Note the differences between the official Greenville police reports and the Press Releases put out the by HCGOP, as well as, Pressely Stutts at Rock The Red.

Arrest Records
Greenville Police – not gang (antifa related) – no weapons


Statement from Rock The Red Organizers:

“Official statement from ROCK THE RED Event organizer, Pressley Stutts: After a resoundingly successful weekend where hundreds of mainstream Constitutional Patriots had gathered for a weekend of education and motivation at the ROCK THE RED ( Convention, an ANTIFA style attack took place after General Michael Flynn’s keynote speech Saturday night. An individual who had infiltrated the event commandeered a microphone and began shouting out obscenities and reading from a prepared manifesto speech. It was a deliberate premeditated action.

The man, who had what appeared to be a martial arts weapon in his possession (SEE OFFICIAL POLICE REPORT) , was quickly subdued by attendees and was eventually taken to the floor after he repeatedly tried to slither his way out of their grasp. The individual was turned over to security and arrested by authorities and taken to jail. A “hit-piece” news article by a “journalist” who has long harassed one of the event speakers, Mr. Chad Caton, appeared Sunday morning and blamed Mr. Caton for “body slamming” the crazed agitator. The facts are that Mr. Caton was within feet of the infiltrator and saw two others struggling to subdue him. He came to their aid and subdued the individual to eliminate any potential current or future threat he posed by taking him to the ground. It is a standard law enforcement tactic used to neutralize a threat. After viewing video footage and talking to Mr. Caton, in addition to eye witnesses of whom many have come forth to thank Mr. Caton for his quick risk assessment action, we have come to the conclusion that Mr. Caton’s split second action diffused a potentially volatile (and perhaps deadly) situation.

If the individual had a gun, the situation could have turned deadly. We consider Mr. Caton’s actions to be heroic indeed! While conservative citizens across the country, including General Flynn, are under constant daily threats and attacks, this incident reminds us that we must remain vigilant in the face of hatred and anger.”



Fellow Republicans, Many of you may be aware of a misleading news report from this morning about an unfortunate event that occurred yesterday at the “Rock the Red” conference in Greenville, SC.

Due to many messages we have received, social media posts that have been brought to our attention, and the fact that our Chair and Executive Committeewoman were first person witnesses to the event, we have decided to make an official statement.

At the end of an otherwise amazing weekend, after the keynote speaker, General Michael T. Flynn had spoken, an infiltrator came to the front and grabbed a microphone and began to make a speech. He started off asking for a toast for General Flynn, and immediately began calling him a traitor to the country. Two gentlemen attempted to grab the microphone from the man as soon as they realized it was a disturbance and not a guest of the conference, and noticing a threat, Mr. Chad Caton, an Horry County EC, utilized his military training to defuse the situation by subduing the perpetrator.

He brought the man to hotel security, while ensuring that none of the other guests, who at this point were very angry, harmed the man. The perpetrator was in possession of a weapon (SEE OFFICIAL POLICE REPORT), and police did escort him from the hotel property in a police car.

Additionally, witnesses heard the man self identify as Antifa (SEE OFFICIAL POLICE REPORT). On the perpetrator’s person, was a printed statement that included a threat stating the man had the intention of performing a “citizens arrest” on General Michael Flynn.

This morning, we learned that there was more to this story, and that hotel security had identified another individual waiting near the kitchen exit door where high profile guests would typically exit a venue for security reasons. The event planners are attempting to obtain security footage to further analyze and take steps if necessary. (SEE OFFICIAL POLICE REPORT)

We are thankful that Mr. Caton was in the right place at the right time and was able to help defuse what could have been a very dangerous situation. He maintained control until security could take over. It was a blessing he was there, and any reporting to the contrary is a horrible representation of how Fake News is spread. Some individuals have come forward to state that Mr. Caton’s involvement was an “embarrassment” to the Horry County GOP. To the contrary, both Roger Slagle and Tracy Diaz, who were attendees of the event, think that the actions Chad took were nothing short of heroic, regardless of how you may feel about him personally. We have seen many calls for unity over the past few months, and we have every intention of moving forward in that spirit. We would like to state that the rhetoric and attacks on social media do absolutely nothing to encourage unity, and instead are a fine example of how, in fact, to stoke and fan the flames of division.

We’d like everyone to think before they post, as each of you are representatives of the Horry County GOP, and carefully decide how your own actions may be accomplishing the opposite of what we all claim to desire. We are glad that one of our own stepped up in the face of a threat to defend a distinguished American hero in General Michael T. Flynn. We will continue to support those who act in a selfless manner as we work to take back our country from the very people who disrupted the event yesterday.

Actual Events Captured On Camera



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