“Disabled” Man Body Slams Speaker At Rock The Red Convention

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A supposedly disabled former Horry County firefighter body slammed a speaker at last night’s Rock The Red event in Greenville, S.C. The video just below shows how quick and dynamic the take down was.

At a “Rock The Red” Republican event last night, disabled former Horry County Firefighter Chad Caton body slammed a speaker to the stage floor.  The video above highlights the force Caton used to drive the speaker into the platform. [Editor’s note: We are told by event organizers, this man commandeered the mic.]

Just before the event occurred, Retired United States Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn stepped offstage. The conference had officially ended. Crowds were leaving the building.

The speaker then made unwelcomed comments about the General. Questions have been raised as to why brute force was necessary. Turning off the speaker’s microphone was perhaps a wiser option.

Caton’s entire family income is provided by a substantial disability check he receives from a lawsuit he won against Horry County. Caton claims to be largely immobile as a result of a firefighting incident. As the GrandStrandDaily reported in 2018: Chad Caton, a former Horry County fire fighter/EMT is now on disability from injuries suffered on the job. Caton is married and a resident of Horry County. He was a volunteer fire fighter for Horry County Fire Rescue for five years and a full time fire fighter for HCFR for three years before suffering injuries.

Former Horry County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus (and others) questioned those injuries at the time of Caton’s filings. Caton ultimately won his lawsuit. However, to this day his neighbors say he hangs heavy Christmas decorations on his roof top in the middle of the night during the Holidays so as not to be seen working.

Earlier this year, an incident report was written up on Caton by Horry County Police for assaulting a former FBI agent.

Caton’s Dramatic History – Proud Boys Support


Chad Caton

June 2020, working with an N.C. con man named John McGuinness, Caton (masked above) spread sealed records across social media in a successful attempt at getting embattled Horry County Senator Luke Rankin re-elected. Those records were proven to be misinformation.

McGuinness (Caton’s associate in the effort) said publicly he didn’t care who won, as long as it was not the person he and Caton were publishing the misinformation on.


Chad Caton with Lin Wood

Trump Refuses To Endorse Or Support This Group

Over the last six months, Caton now associates himself with Georgia Attorney Lin Wood. Caton championed Wood’s campaign to unseat S.C. GOP Chairman Drew McKissick. Wood recently moved to South Carolina, buying a home in Beaufort, so he could run for this office.

Former President Donald J. Trump endorsed McKissick three different times during the race. In fact, Trump endorsed McKissick the very night before the SCGOP convention. Wood could only garner 27.9 percent of the state-wide vote. McKissick won in a landslide.


All through 2019 and 2020 Caton continually interrupted HCGOP meetings with rhetoric against local leaders on par with the comments made last night. He was never once body slammed by those local leaders.

Horry County residents, we reached out to last night, privately stated his over the top antics are an embarrassment to true S.C. conservatives.

Same But Even More Aggressive Public Rhetoric From Caton – NOTE: He is not tackled, Nor Body Slammed. He is asked to please sit down.

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