Need More Luck in Your Life? 5 Lucky Symbols To Look Out For In Life

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Over the past year, with all that has happened in our world, it can feel like the universe is against you. If you believe in spiritual aspects of life, such as karma, luck, the power of good or bad energy or astrology, you might already be trying to figure out why life has become so hard for us all recently. Nobody has all the answers, but looking to these spiritual understandings of the world can help us find parameters for how we feel.

If you feel as if you need more luck in your life, many cultures believe that certain things we see in the natural world are signs of luck and good fortune. Ofcourse, as all Christians know, the lordship and care of Jesus Christ will transcend any circumstances you may find yourself in at any given time.

In this blog we will show you five lucky symbols to look out for in life, and know that the universe is on your side no matter what!

  1. The Four Leaf Clover

Four leaf clovers are an Irish good luck symbol that date back hundreds of years. Clovers are small, weed-like plants that grow among grass, and the majority of them have three triangular leaves that grow at the top of the plant. However, on rare occasions, a mutation occurs that leads to the clover having four leaves rather than three. 

If you find a four leaf clover, it could be a sign that luck is on its way to you. Some people wear lucky four leaf clover charms on their bracelets, necklaces or keyrings to bring good luck with them wherever they go. 

  1. Seeing A Rabbit Out In The Wild

Rabbits have been seen as symbols of good fortune across many cultures, including the Native American and Chinese cultures. There are many lucky animals from around the world, but the rabbit seems to be the most popular one that transcends specific religions or cultures. 

Why are rabbits seen as lucky? Rabbits were seen in ancient cultures as the smartest and wisest of all creatures. Their nocturnal nature lets them survive under cover of night, and their sharp hearing and extremely fast reflexes help them to escape much bigger, faster predators like foxes. A rabbit can outsmart and outrun practically any animal, burrowing underground to protect itself. 

If you spot a rabbit out in the wild, it could be the universe’s way of telling you that something good is on the horizon. Many people believe that rabbits are carriers of luck and good fortune to all who lay eyes on them. 

  1. Shooting Stars

Shooting stars are a beautiful sight if you get the chance to spot one. Although they appear rare, if you have a full view of the stars you might spot one every ten or fifteen minutes. Despite their apparently common nature, shooting stars have been seen for thousands of years as symbols of good luck and good fortune. 

It has been believed around the world that shooting stars bring a positive, magical aura to your life. Spotting a shooting star can be a breathtaking experience, and can make you feel humbled; look at how small we are, and how powerful the universe is. 

If you are stargazing in the near future and you spot a shooting star zoom across the sky, just know that this lucky symbol could be notifying you of better things to come!

  1. A Black Cat

Although black cats are sometimes seen as omens, in many cultures, black cats are actually lucky. In old England, black cats used to be given to brides on their wedding day to bring them good fortune for a great marriage in the coming years. 

Similarly, in Scottish culture, a black cat on your doorstep can be seen as a sign of a good, prosperous fortune. In Japan, a black cat walking in front of you is met with a “Thank you,” or “Konichiwa,” and is seen as good luck being passed into your hands. 

Although black cats are relatively commonplace, if you see one hanging around your street or home, you know that luck is on your side. If you are interested in getting a cat, why not get a black cat, to keep your good fortune with you at all times?

Black cats are beautiful creatures that can sometimes feel like the universe speaking to you when you see one! Make sure to say “Thank you!” to a black cat when you next see one cross your path!

  1. Keys

Keys are lucky, period. Although every person has a set of keys on their person – keys aren’t exactly rare! – giving and receiving keys as a symbolic gift has been a good-luck practice for generations. 

In Ancient Greece, keys were a symbol of knowledge and power. Receiving a key means unlocking the door to your highest self, your most powerful knowledge, and your ultimate truth. Giving somebody a key as a gift or charm can be a way of saying, ‘I am letting you in.’ Ultimately, a key is a great good luck symbol to have around you, whether it is as a charm, an image, or an actual key!

  1. A Wishbone

If you eat chicken, you will know what a wishbone is. It is an arrow-shaped bone found in the centre of the bird, and traditionally, it is pulled between people. If you get the large half of the wishbone, you have been blessed with good fortune.

Although the tradition of pulling wishbones is now seen as outdated, if you want to bring yourself good luck, why not try it? You never know, it could be the lucky charm you need to get good energy coming your way!

Final Thoughts

Whether or not you are superstitious or believe in lucky symbols, we could all do with a bit of a boost in our lives right now. Look out for these 6 lucky signs that might appear from time to time, and know that these little moments can help you and your spirit find luck and fortune in the days to come. 

There are plenty more lucky charms in the world – these six are just the tip of the iceberg! Do your own digging online to find some more amazing lucky symbols!

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