Forestbrook HOA Takes Issue With Patriotism

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Shannon Grady leads a team of volunteers which has grown the Horry County Women’s Republican Club to the largest in the S.C. U.S. 7th Congressional District.

Few in Horry County would question her leadership, her work ethics or her love for America.

So, she was shocked when she received the below letter from her H.O.A. in Forestbrook Estates.

Forestbrook Estates H.O.A. informed Mrs. Grady that she has a “commercial vehicle” on her property.

Here are pictures of the “supposed” commercial vehicle.

The H.O.A. is demanding Mrs. Grady park the car in her garage as she is not allowed to use the vehicle for commercial purposes.

Mrs. Grady informed MyrtleBeachSC News that her car was not being used for any commercial purposes.

Grady works tirelessly for the Republican party. Her work has been so influential that one S.C. State Incumbent Senator deliberately carved her out of his district recently. Grady can only be described as a true patriot.


  • Do you believe Mrs. Grady’s rights to free speech are impacted by this H.O.A.’s decisions?
  • Do you believe America/Horry County has become too polarized and intolerant?

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