Former NFL Coach on Kelce’s Outburst

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Though viewership numbers have not yet been released from Super Bowl LXIII, 90-100 million typically watch annually — and we would bet that #87 for the Chiefs, Travis Kelce, knows that, too.

In shrugging it off, Coach Andy Reid did say it was a “cheap shot,” and that Kelce caught him off balance. Reid is 30+ years Kelce’s senior and was visibly shaken – at least for a minute – when the star tight end shoved and screamed at him, incensed that he should be playing.

Yes, a Super Bowl player felt justified in accosting his coach to demand the game is played as he deems best.

We spoke with Coach Mike Miller of Hilton Head Island and Plum, Pennsylvania who coached for the Arizona Cardinals during the final NFL appearance for Kurt Warner, widely considered to be the league’s best undrafted player, which happened to be Super Bowl XLIII. Miller has been with the Toronto Argonauts (“Argos”) of the Canadian Football League (CFL) since 2022 where he serves as quarterback coach.

The current QB for the Argos is Chad Kelly, the nephew of NFL Hall of Famer, Jim Kelly, but during Miller’s first season, McLeod Bethel-Thompson was their starter. We asked Miller about a scuffle between Bethel-Thompson and Head Coach Ryan Dinwiddie that erupted when Bethel-Thompson believed a call should be challenged – and he felt justified in letting Coach Dinwiddie know about it.

Since the Argos were on defense at the time, Miller was several rows deep on the sidelines reviewing plays when he heard commotion; he does not remember hesitating as he jumped to rein in his quarterback. The camera caught much of the exchange for several tense moments.

Miller explained that “it is imperative that everyone on the sideline know who is in charge of the team,” and stated he would want a coach to do the same for his nephew who plays college football.

“Ignoring unacceptable behavior is bad for everyone involved,” said Miller. Regarding the Travis Kelce incident, Miller remarked, “it is unfortunate, and I would bet that someone has pulled him aside by now to impress on him that this behavior was/is out of line. If he asked me, I’d probably recommend he think about a public apology.”

Do you think a monetary fine, public suspension, and/or apology would be good for Kelce? Let us know in the comments.

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