Horry County applies for voucher to help purchase $49 million Myrtle Beach Housing project

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In order to complete the project, the Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach seeks the voucher.

Horry County is planning to apply for a Housing Choice Voucher for a new apartment project in Myrtle Beach from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The proposed complex would be built on about nine acres near Highway 15 and 17th Avenue South, according to Horry County Government. On an undeveloped site with one single-family residence, it would include construction of six rental apartments with 180 units and associated amenities, five stormwater ponds and parking.

It is estimated that the project will cost $49,786,919, and Horry County intends to request $537,300 through the voucher program.

This is land in the vicinity of a horse stable previously owned by former Myrtle Beach State Representative Alan Clemmons. Horry County Senator Luke Rankin and colleagues curiously allowed Clemmons a probate judgeship after Clemmons abruptly stepped down from his legislative job. The appointment to probate judge was done without the required public hearing.

If you would like to submit comments about the project to Horry County, you may email [email protected] or call 843-915-7033. Comments must be submitted by Monday at the end of business for Horry County to consider them.

What is the Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach

The Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach (HAMB) is a government agency responsible for providing affordable housing options and services to low-income individuals and families in the Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina. Its primary mission is to create and maintain safe, decent, and sanitary housing for those who may not be able to afford it on the private market.

The HAMB operates various housing programs, including public housing and Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program. Public housing involves the direct management and operation of housing complexes by the authority, while the Section 8 program provides rental assistance to eligible households, allowing them to choose suitable housing in the private market.

In addition to housing assistance, the HAMB also offers supportive services such as financial literacy programs, job training, educational resources, and community development initiatives to empower individuals and improve their overall quality of life.

It’s worth noting that specific details regarding eligibility criteria, application processes, and available housing options can be obtained by contacting the Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach directly.

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