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Clemmons and Crew

Horry County Legislators Rated D’s And F’s By Club For Growth

The Club for Growth, the most influential conservative political policy group in S.C., rates every Horry County delegate, except North Myrtle Beach’s Greg Hembree, no higher than a D.

Residents and merchants agree that the Horry County delegation is highly influenced in its decision making by the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber and the Chamber’s four Political Action Committee’s which invest heavily into each local candidate’s campaign.

Influential local Representative Alan Clemmons was rated a “D” by the group.  He received the highest rating among the Horry County Delegation, after North Myrtle Beach’s Greg Hembree.  Hembree was given a B+ by the group.  Hembree was the only Horry County delegate with a passing grade.

alan clemmonsClemmons pushed the tourist tax through the General Assembly and work to over ride Governor Haley’s veto of the bill

Horry County State Senator Luke Rankin was given an “F”

Luke Rankin
Luke Rankin Introduced 1% Tourist Tax Extension Feb. 25, 2016

North Myrtle Beach area Representative Greg Duckworth garnered a “D-”

Duckworth was rated D Minus

Heather Ammons Crawford was rated an  “F”

SC Watchdog
Heather Ammons Crawford
Crawford was graded F

The Club For Growth’s policy goals include cutting income tax rates, repealing the estate tax, supporting limited government and a balanced budget amendment, entitlement reform, free trade, tort reform, school choice, and deregulation.  The Club for Growth PAC endorses and raises money for candidates who meet its standards for fiscal conservatism. According to Politico, “The Club for Growth is the pre-eminent institution promoting Republican adherence to a free-market, free-trade, anti-regulation agenda.”

Greg Hembree
ONE STANDS ALONE. Hembree Rates  “B+”


Greg Hembree  B+, Luke Rankin F, Alan Clemmons D, Gregory Duckwork D-, Jeff Johnson D-, Heather Ammons Crawford F, Russell Fry F, Kevin Hardee F-



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