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How to Have a Cohesive Look to Your Home

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David Hucks
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Is anything as stunning as a house that looks well put together, is within the theme, and has a beautiful color palette? No, not much. 

One of the most exciting things about interior designers is that they know how to do these through training and certification. 

But most people who own a home aren’t interior designers and therefore need some tips about making that house have a cohesive look.

Here are a few things you can consider to ensure that your house feels put together like it could’ve been done by a professional.


Each room should have a specific function, or if you have an open plan area, there should be some simple dividers to ensure that the rooms aren’t overlapping and confusing.

Take a walk-through of each room in your house and make sure that each has a single function.

And then, it’s essential to make sure that every item of decor, accessories, and furniture fits that function. If they don’t fit the function, you need to decide if you can put them in a different area in your place or if they need to go.

Rooms that have a messy feel often have multiple or different functions. You might also find that you are missing vital pieces of furniture that would make sense in the room. This is a great excuse to buy some new furniture.

Color palette

The color of your rooms is essential. You can make sure that your room is completely put together by having a color palette that matches. 

Going for a color like blue, then going for a shade above and a shade below throughout the room and of the most simple things you can do. 

Alternatively, painting the room wholly white and going for a color pop scheme with your furniture is also an option. 

Windows and doors

If your windows and doors don’t match the theme and the style that you’ve gone for the inside and out, it will look messy and you won’t be happy. 

Renewal by Andersen bay windows is one of the best options for creating a bright and breezy room, and getting the window fitting that matches your theme. 

If you are not in the market to buy new doors, then a lick of paint to make sure they check the room can be ideal. This is also one of the cheapest options to make sure that your house has a cohesive look.

Coordinated styling

You have given each room a defined function, and now you have to consider a coordinating furniture style throughout the house. Of course, it is always essential to have a few items that stand out, the feature items are usually quite bold, but you can limit them to one per room. 

If the furniture throughout the house is a hodgepodge, it’s pretty challenging to have a home that looks cohesive in style. So choose matching sets when possible. 


When you talk about coordinated styling, it will be remiss, not to mention the floor.

If you have carpet that suddenly stops and then goes to tiles that go to laminate, it can feel very disjointed. Think about what you need throughout the home and have each floor laid accordingly. 

Typically laminate is a budget-friendly option and can work well in any room apart from the bathroom.

In the bathroom, it might be best to opt for a tile as these are waterproof.

How is that of the mask flooring that is of one type and a single color? Also, make the rooms in your home feel bigger since they can flow from one room to the next.


If you have a gallery wall, side tables, candelabras, chandeliers, and lamps, you should make sure that they all match. These can also be part of your personalization and styling.

If you have a gallery wall, while one of the most important things to do is have beautiful photos, the next is to make sure that the photo frames feel like they belong together.

There is an art to hanging a gallery wall with multiple different sizes and styles; however, you can find plenty of inspiration if you head to Pinterest.


If you are on a super tight budget and don’t have the cash to splash on large furniture items, the smaller textiles are ideal.

The rug on the floor can match the drapes or blinds and match the throws and cushions throughout the room.

Getting cohesive doesn’t take very long, but it does take some consideration. First, before you start making any changes, consider how you want your way home to feel inside and draw some inspiration from some of the world’s most renowned interior designers.



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