Landlord/Lady? How You Can Make Running Your Bar Easier

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David Hucks
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Bartending isn’t simple, to say the least. When people are under the influence of alcohol, they can become a nuisance, causing conflicts to break out in your establishment. Situations like this can cause things to break, and the clean-up can be messy and irritating. Take a look at these four factors, which you and your staff are likely to be overlooking, to make your and your team’s lives significantly easier.

No-swear rule

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Of course going out for a drink with friends and family is much better than having to put up with rude, disrespectful, and vulgar patrons. Keep in mind that while bars are typically loud places, you must ensure that your customers do not use profanity or else you will have to ask them to leave. Make sure there are signs up behind and in front of the bar so that everyone can see it. This will make it much easier for you to serve customers  and will lessen the number of complaints you receive from folks who don’t like to hear filthy language.

Surfaces and floors that are easy to clean

Glasses are easily damaged, and if the outside of your customer’s drink has condensation on it, it may slip out of their hands and into your bar or floor. Ensure that your surfaces and floors are easily cleanable in case any drinks are spilled and need to be cleaned up right away. While carpets would absorb the liquid, they may wind up stinking and becoming soiled as a result of the absorption. Hardwood flooring and marble counters are easy to clean, so consider switching out your carpets and wood floors with these to make your life easier!

Urinal floor mats

The men’s bathroom isn’t always a pleasant place to be in for anyone, let alone having to clean it after the pub shuts. Urinals are convenient for males to use, but if customers have had a few drinks, it’s possible that someone will miss the bowl. You can get an extremely absorbent urinal mat for each of your urinals, which will remove odour, slipperiness, and look far nicer than a damp pool behind the urinal. This will also make it much easier for you and your team to clean the men’s restroom.


It’s always good having as much protection as possible, regardless of how big or small your establishment is. Consider hiring bouncers to manage the entrances and deal with anyone who appears to be too intoxicated and rowdy to be served. Install surveillance cameras to safeguard yourself and everyone who visits the pub. Having security cameras can also help if you need to make an insurance claim since you will be able to verify that the damage was caused by an accident or an intentional attack by someone else.

To make your job and the tasks of your staff easier, consider adding these four items to your bar. You should be able to run your bar however you want, so make sure your employees and customers understand that!



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