John Rhodes Dismisses Residents
John Rhodes Loses Run-Off


Mayor John Rhodes declined the invitation, saying “I’m not going to be asked questions.

For the fifth time this 2017 election season,  Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes has avoided public interactions with residents during his campaign.

According to a report in the Myrtle Beach Sun News published Saturday, Mark McBride, Brenda Bethune, C.D. Rozsa and Ed Carey have agreed to participate in a daily Facebook live stream questions and answers forum with Myrtle Beach residents. The live stream sessions will be held on the Sun News Facebook page starting this week at noon each day.  Bethune will appear Oct. 24, Rozsa is scheduled for Oct. 25, Carey is scheduled for Oct. 26 and McBride will appear Oct. 27.


Mayor John Rhodes declined the invitation, saying “I’m not going to be asked questions” from Facebook viewers.

Mr. Rhodes continues to operate his campaign much like he has run the city of Myrtle Beach.  While the Galivants Ferry Stump era was a historic time in Myrtle Beach politics,  Facebook is today’s version of that event.

Rhodes continues to be resident shy as he campaigns in his hopes to avoid hard questions.  Rhodes is counting on Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce C.E.O Brad Dean and Grand Strand Business Alliance representative Steve Chapman to “get out” an insider vote that will continue his office as mayor.


Can the MBACC save Rhodes’ re-election bid?

Dwyer Scott
Candidate Dwyer Scott (District 56) campaigns with residents Saturday Oct. 21st

Meanwhile, Chapman and Dean now find themselves mired in the politics and legalities that are the District 56 race held this Tuesday.

District 56 voters head to the polls on Tuesday.  The outcome of that race could be a strong indication of whether the Tourism Lobby can continue its grip on all things Horry County.

Should the Tourism Lobby win on Tuesday, Myrtle Beach City Councilmen Wallace and Lowder and Mayor John Rhodes may find hope in that outcome.

However,  if either candidates Dwyer Scott or Adam Miller wins, that could foretell a bad omen for incumbents in the coming November 7th race.




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