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Myrtle Beach Crime Makes Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal
Wall Street Journal Covers Myrtle Beach Crime Issues For National Audience

Shootings on the boardwalk,  in the area of downtown Myrtle Beach, have made the local news now for more than 2 years ongoing,  with the former police chief retiring in May under duress.

Today,  Cameron McWhirter of the Wall Street Journal highlighted the issues for the entire nation.

This just after, Horry County Councilman Mark Lazarus started a campaign he calls #TeamHorry,  where he only wants positive news stories and comments shared and discussed on all media.

The County Council Chair’s request amounts to one person holding out two hands attempting to stop an incoming 40 foot tidal wave on the beach.

Little Girl NMB
Longer Stay Families Are Choosing the  Family Friendly City Of North Myrtle Beach

City Manager John Pedersen, Mayor John Rhodes, and the County Council Chair are all focused on messaging rather than dealing with the actual Myrtle Beach crime issue.   The cities of North Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, Garden City Beach and Pawleys Island are very busy this July 4th week,  while the streets of Myrtle Beach are much less busy than in past years.

Why?  Because the leaders of these nearby beach cities have decisive government, family friendly beaches,  and low crime.

Every Myrtle Beach city merchant we have spoken with wants:

*the barricades removed.

*$16 million moved from the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber directly into downtown Myrtle Beach for policing and fixing water quality issues.

*The DRC disbanded. (Downtown Redevelopment Corporation)

*The City Manager removed from the DRC.

*The Hotels (property managers) renting to this element exposed.

*Zero tolerance for these activities in downtown Myrtle Beach

The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce advertising tax has clearly not worked in the age of brand.  Residents and merchants agree we should focus on improving the Myrtle Beach brand.

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Government planning and interference,  including this latest Chinese scandal just now breaking, only get in the way and  keep the city from reaching its true potential.

Our leaders are just now learning they can not control the media,  even with the Chamber of Commerce attempting to buy  off every local TV station.

With a recent vote of No Confidence on the Myrtle Beach city manager, residents and business owners of the city of Myrtle Beach have  finally considered prying the reigns of city government from these elected officials, the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce,  and the Downtown Redevelopment Corporation in taking their city back.

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