Myrtle Beach Mayor Bethune’s Goons Go After NMB County Councilman

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The “woke” City of Myrtle Beach continues to attempt to buy the North Myrtle Beach County Council seat.

Myrtle Beach is the second most liberal city in S.C. behind Charleston.

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Last year, the Myrtle Beach Mayor told her residents that she believed: If little boys see themselves as little girls or little girls see themselves as little boys, we should honor their rights to transgender. Hear her remarks for yourself below. Residents in Myrtle Beach approved by 56% putting her back in office.


Bethune is a high profile contributor to the Jenna Dukes for North Myrtle Beach County Council Campaign.

Bethune, Jenna Dukes, Carla Schuessler, and Mark Lazarus are all represented by Walter Whetsell.

He is often the campaign manager for high profile Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce candidates.

Walter Whetsell
Walter Whetsell

Walter is a top notch political assassin.

Yesterday, Bethune’s henchman mailed out flyers to every North Myrtle Beach resident calling District 1 County Councilman, Harold Worley, a hypocrite. The front side of the mailer implied that Worley made his living as a large developer.

The truth, however, is Worley primarily makes a living as a hotel operator in North Myrtle Beach.

Worley is also the most resident focused councilman on Horry County Council.

The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce promised these attacks would be coming.

On June 14th, North Myrtle Beach residents can decide how closely they want to align with the City of Myrtle Beach.

If North Myrtle Beach would like to see increased homelessness, higher crime, “woke” culture, weekly gun shootings, and distressed properties, they can choose to vote for Brenda Bethune’s and Walter Whetsell’s candidate Jenna Dukes.

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