NMB Merchant Accuses City Manager Of Assault, Files Police Report

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A North Myrtle Beach Kayak Tour operator filed a report on North Myrtle Beach City Manager Mike Mahaney alleging assault.

Laura Weaver states she was called to NMB City Hall where Mahaney put his hands on her.

The partners of the kayak business state they have hired a lawyer. They also reached out to S.C. Representative William Bailey and S.C. State Senator Greg Hembree.


Dear Friends, I wanted to share this with you before you read about it in the media. Today, we filed a police report with the North Myrtle Beach Police Department detailing actions that City Manager Mike Mahaney took against Laura Weaver on Tuesday, including putting his hands on her. We have since spoken to our lawyer. Below is a transcript of the report, and copies of the report. I’ve also included a copy of the very simple email that I sent asking the question that produced such a response from the City Manager. This should NEVER happen to a person in our city. A small business owner that is treated this way is unacceptable and Mr. Mahaney needs to be held responsible. It is NOT ok to put your hands on a woman in this way, or anyone else for that matter. Laura is physically ok, but mentally this has taken an enormous toll on her. Since the incident, she has been visibly distraught and scared of the retribution that we know is coming for filing this report. I think most people know our reputation, and the work that we’ve done for this city as nearly lifelong residents and contributors. Thank you to those who have reached out. Today, I have heard from both Senator Hembree and Representative William Bailey offering assistance. We look forward to working with them to insure that this does NOT happen to another woman, or person in our city. Here’s the transcribed text: Statement by Laura Weaver: On May 10th, at approximately 2:17pm, I received a Facebook message from Nikki Fontana asking me to come to City Hall to meet with her and the city manager (Mike Maheney). I was not informed why. When I arrived, I was ushered back to Maheney’s office and to a chair position behind his desk-next to him. Nikki stood on the other side of Mr. Maheney . I was then asked about an email sent to the city recreation department by my business partner. I had not. He began to then berate me over the email saying that the rest of city council wanted us shut down, but he was trying to help me, but would not do so if we continued to ask questions. He became increasingly upset- putting his fingers in my face, leaning over me, and then forcefully grabbing my leg between the thigh and knee with his left hand. I then loudly told him to get his hands off of me, and his fingers out of my face. Ms. Fontana then grabbed his shoulder and moved him, and took his seat. She apologized for him and said that he “just gets too passionate.” Mr. Maheney moved farther from me and I told him that it’s bad enough to deal with this, because he was intimidating me verbally and then physically. They both apologized and offered me candy to “make me feel better” (dark chocolate, milk duds, reese’s pieces, and almond joy). I demanded that my business partner be called immediately. Maheney asked if he should be present when Tyler arrived. I said yes, but Ms. Fontana asked to move us to the conference room next door. When Tyler Watkins arrived, my first words were – He put his hands on me. Nikki Fontana also told Tyler what happened and we asked if cameras were present. She again said that Mr. Maheney “get’s too excited.” The rest of the meeting was spent discussing the city’s contract with us and that asking further questions would jeopardize our business in the city. Statement by Tyler Watkins: Tuesday afternoon, I received a text from Laura Weaver at 2:21 pm informing me that councilperson Nikki Fontana had summoned her to City Hall to meet with Maheny (sic). At 2:47 I received a text from Laura that said “You need to come here.” I was in a meeting and didn’t receive the text, but answered the call seconds later. She said I needed to come to city hall immediately. I left the meeting and arrived minutes later. Walking in the conference room, Laura and Nikki were seated and Laura was visibly upset. As I sat down, Laura said to me “He put his hands on me”. I asked who. And she continued, he put his hands on me and got in my face- I became upset and asked Ms. Fontana if she saw him do this, she indicated with a “Yes”- Ms. Weaver continued to become more upset. I asked if there were cameras in here, and was told no. I asked to go get him right now and became very upset. Fontana and Weaver asked me to sit down because there was more to it, a second part. I sat down and was offered chocolate. I turned to look into Weavers eyes to see the extent of her crying- I noticed a visibly upset, red, watery eyes as if she had been crying for a while. Ms. Weaver told me what had happened in more detail and then Fontana explained to me that I was causing problems by asking these questions. I indicated to her that I heard what she was saying. Ms. Weaver began crying several times during the meeting. I asked if we could leave, was told yes. Gathered our stuff and walked out with Weaver. On the way out, Ms. Weaver became upset and I motioned for her to please, not at that moment. Outside I asked her to return home with me so that we could discuss before proceeding. I attempted to contact our lawyer, Senator Greg Hembree all day yesterday. He indicated he would call me. We waited all day. I re-contacted him in the evening. He indicated he would call me after his Senate session. After not hearing from him, we woke up and came here to file the report. Ms. Weaver has been distraught and visibly upset since the incident.

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