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Myrtle Beach Chamber Goes After Council Candidate

Brads Board

All 26 board members of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce published a letter to the editor of the Sun News yesterday entitled, Tourism tax is working well, and chamber is a good steward of those funds.  Afterwards, Myrtle Beach Area Chamber  (MBACC) favored incumbent Randal Wallace quickly shared the …

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Horry County May Pay $33.5 Million For False Claims Against Private Business

Horry County Logo

Horry County Reverses Story on Skydive Myrtle Beach Alleged Violations Investigative Reporter Paul Gable of the, exposes how Horry County filed 112 allegations against a private attraction.  The county no longer stands behind its own claims. “It now appears that Horry County created an entirely fictitious case of safety …

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Myrtle Beach Transformation Day 2 – A City In Denial


Several bright and emotionally healthy political challengers have stepped forward for the offices of Myrtle Beach City Council and Mayor of Myrtle Beach. believes many of these candidates have the talent to help move the city into greater health. DENIAL Key business owners along ocean boulevard believe Myrtle Beach’s …

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Myrtle Beach- From Protest To Transformation

Elected Myrtle Beach officials and the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber C.E.O. Brad Dean have named 2017 as the Year Of Social Media Protests. Area leaders including Mayor John Rhodes, County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus and Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce C.E.O. Brad Dean have each worked to either belittle …

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Ed Carey Addresses City Issues

Ed Carey for Mayor

Mayoral candidate Ed Carey addressed a concerned group of residents at the Dunes Club on Tuesday, August 8th.   Afterwards, Carey took questions from the group.  Residents expressed their frustrations that ran the spectrum from city-wide crime, a lack of downtown growth, heavy handed government practices, un-audited tax funded organizations, …

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Ed Carey Brings True Leadership To Mayor’s Race

Ed Carey

Ed Carey, who was the Senior Construction Manager for the owner’s development team at Market Common, announced to all media his intentions to run for Mayor Of Myrtle Beach this November. Carey is well-known locally for being among the most informed on city related issues. Residents and merchants consider him …

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