S.C. Judges lavished in Hilton Head by S.C. Trial Lawyers starting today

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Today, tomorrow and Saturday, S.C. Judges are in Hilton Head, S.C. attending the SCAJ Annual Convention paid for by the South Carolina Trial Lawyers.

These S.C. Judges try cases in front of these same lawyers daily.

Every August, Judges and lawyers in the SCAJ (South Carolina Association for Justice) gather at the Marriott Resort and Spa on Hilton Head Island for a stimulating three-day event.

The function is funded by the SC Trial Lawyers.

With twelve seminars conducted by respected jurists and offering participants twelve CLE credits including two ethics credits, attendees are able to increase their legal knowledge and expand their understanding of a variety of topics. From torts to criminal law, workers compensation to environmental law, everyone can find classes that meet their needs. What’s more, participants can make important connections with people in their chosen field through networking opportunities such as receptions, dinners, parties with live bands and other events held throughout the convention culminating with the Saturday morning breakfast featuring a Judicial Portrait presentation.


Today, powerful Senate Democrat Dick Harpootlian also sent a letter to S.C. Judicial Chairman, Horry County Senator Luke Rankin stating that it was now time to legislatively rethink how our lawyer/legislators pick our S.C. Judges.

Dick Harpootlian

S.C. and Virginia are the only two states in America where legislative lawyers appoint the judges that serve on the bench.

S.C. Judges

Luke Rankin JMSC
Rankin’s questionable appointments while he serves on JMSC

In South Carolina, there are various levels of courts, each with its own number of judges. Here is the breakdown:

1. South Carolina Supreme Court: There are five justices who serve on the bench of the South Carolina Supreme Court.

2. South Carolina Court of Appeals: Currently, there are nine judges serving on the bench of the South Carolina Court of Appeals.

3. Circuit Courts: South Carolina has sixteen judicial circuits, and each circuit has at least one resident judge. The number of judges per circuit varies depending on the caseload and population size of the circuit.

4. Family Court: Each of South Carolina’s sixteen judicial circuits has a family court system, which comprises multiple judges handling family and domestic issues. The number of judges in the family court system also varies per circuit based on the caseload and population.

5. Magistrate and Municipal Courts: These lower-level courts have numerous magistrates and judges who handle minor criminal offenses, traffic violations, and civil cases. The number of judges in these courts can vary by county and jurisdiction.

It’s important to note that the number of judges can change over time due to retirements, appointments, and other factors. Therefore, it’s always good to consult the official sources for the most up-to-date information on the number of judges in South Carolina’s courts.

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