Santee Cooper Board Member and Senator Rankin Own Land In Potential Hwy 31’s path

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David Hucks
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A Santee Cooper Board member, appointed by Senator Luke Rankin has land ties with the senator. The two are, in fact, business partners. 

Columbus Farms Realty Holdings, LLC is a business owned by both Singleton and Rankin. 

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Singleton was initially placed on the Santee Cooper Board in 2011 by Rankin’s team. 

Professional Experience and Training

Columbus Farms Realty Holdings, LLC is listed on Singleton’s application 

On his political disclosure forms, Senator Rankin names himself as a 50% owner of Columbus Farms Realty Holdings, LLC. 

Senator Rankin’s Disclosure form

Land owned by Columbus Farms Holdings Realty LLC appears in the path of future Highway 31 as it is projected to be built in NC 

Land appears to be in the direct path of current S.C. 31 as it works to connect with Highway 73/74 in North Carolina. 
Company address is listed 4714 Oleander Drive Suite B 

Mr. Singleton is a former board member of the CEF [Coastal Education Foundation]. 

We continue to report on the connections between the Coastal Education Foundation and highway road tax recipients. 

As we reported yesterday, Singleton built Belle Terre Golf Course directly in the path of S.C. 31. He did this after the path of the road was approved, yet more than 5 years before the land was purchased with RIDE (Road Improvement Development Effort) Horry County taxes dollars. 

To see the tax map of Columbus Farms Realty Holdings, LLC click here 

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