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Bob Hellyer
From Bob Hellyer's Campaign page

The positive side of Surfside Beach politics

Bob Hellyer is a Surfside Beach resident and former Magistrate Judge of Judges from the D.C. area, namely Virginia.

Many locals tell us they have become jaded about politics today.

Especially with news, like we expect to see dropped by the State Newspaper this morning. A group of industry millionaires are funding a watchdog institute for the Myrtle Beach real estate industry.

Real Estate/Development Industry funds “Watchdog Institute” leveraging the good name of a tax payer funded college? Really?

Institute of Responsible Development
Click here to read this concerning news article published yesterday.

We published that concerning article about the real estate industry yesterday afternoon.

Much has been made about the real estate industry in Surfside Beach during the E District CRS flood insurance debacle of 2019 and especially during this election.

Collusive email sent to all Surfside Beach real estate agents requesting they vote for Julie Samples

After this rating, a subsequent email was sent to all Surfside Beach real estate agents asking they vote for Julie Samples.

While Bob Hellyer is also a real estate agent himself, his campaign is a resident focused campaign. Bob wants to give Surfside Beach residents a greater voice in the town.

From the Hellyer Campaign page

Some have taken issue with Hellyer’s “Residents First” campaign.

However, residents appear to resonate with his positive message about putting their concerns and issues first.


In October, MyrtleBeachSC news wrote about collusive campaigns and collusive voters. https://myrtlebeachsc.com/one-week-until-election-who-will-turn-out-change-election-possible/

In this article, we informed readers that collusive voters are the base of collusive candidates. We stated that collusive voters always vote because they have a financial incentive to do so.

In a runoff, collusive candidates encourage surrogates to create as much chaos and disillusion in the election process as possible.

The hopes of collusive campaigns are to discourage voters from going back to the polls in a runoff. This way, only the collusive candidate’s voters are sure to vote. [FYI – collusive voters always vote]

You will hear collusive surrogates talking about how negative the process is in many social media posts during this next 10 days.

The Hellyer campaign says they hope to see from 900 to 1200 people voting in the runoff.

If less than 700 vote, his opponent is sure to win.

Surfside Beach residents will have a front row seat to witness what happens on Tuesday November 19th.



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