The “Uni-party” Continues their War on the Freedom Caucus

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In 2023, the super majority started off the legislative session demanding a “loyalty pledge” from the 16 most conservative members of the House. In what seemed akin to a soviet-style promise, the Republicans demanded that everyone in their caucus sign a promise not to negatively campaign against any sitting Republican.

The sixteen now known more widely as the South Carolina Freedom Caucus (SCFC) stayed steadfast to their voters and declined. The ultimate result: they left the GOP caucus, creating a fractured Republican body, but their momentum appears to be making the “Columbia Cartel” dig in their heels even deeper.

The first week of the 2024 is proving to be no less drama filled than the last thanks largely to Representative Anne Thayer (R), Rules Committee Chairman. The super-majority is now running with legislation that will also limit free speech, though this year’s attempt is cloaked per se as a rule. Readers may remember that the GOP ultimately lost its fight with the SCFC last year in a federal court lawsuit around the loyalty pledge, but some sources have advised that this attempt at centralization of government through a rule could be an uphill battle.

The vote on this legislation is planned for tomorrow, January 11. If passed, it would do the following:

  • Limit the number of amendments that can be proposed to only 5 per member.
  • Of the proposed amendments, only 24 will be selected to be heard.
  • The House Majority Leader, Representative David Hiott (R) will choose 12 amendments and 12 will be chosen by the House Minority Leader, Representative Todd Rutherford (D).
  • Delete the motion period and all references to it.
  • Revise the period for invoking cloture so that no further amendments could be introduced.

In speaking to a House member this afternoon, there does appear to be extensive bipartisan opposition to the proposed bill, and no matter where one falls on the political spectrum, the opposition to censoring South Carolinians across the state is a very good thing.

Committee Members Need to Hear from You

Anne Thayer: 864-224-2919 ([email protected])

Lucas Atkinson: 843-423-8237 ([email protected])

Don Chapman: 864-940-6676 ([email protected])

Pat Henegan: 843-479-7838 ([email protected])

Kathy Landing: 803-212-6975 ([email protected])

Cody Mitchell: 803-427-6487 ([email protected])

Carla Schuessler: 843-222-1358 ([email protected])

Will Wheeler: 803-428-3161 ([email protected])

Cal Forrest: 803-685-5576 ([email protected])

Case Brittain: 803-907-3191 ([email protected])

Kevin Hardee: 843-455-3567 ([email protected])

Davey Hiott: 864-878-9832 ([email protected])

Phillip Lowe: 843-662-1234 ([email protected])

Brandon Newton: 803-320-9615 ([email protected])

Ivory Thigpen: 803-699-8171 

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