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Marleny Hucks
Marleny Hucks
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Among the variety of modern interior styles, it is difficult not to pay attention to things such as a loft. Otherwise, it is called urban or industrial (industrial) style. Its distinguishing feature is the presence of a large amount of free space. It is the interior and design of the loft in the living room that helps to organically combine vintage and advanced technological solutions, new and old. The loft living room has a unique atmosphere – it feels the passage of time and a rich history.

Loft is a combination of deliberately unfinished finishes with comfortable functional pieces of furniture. Everything is simple and stylish. The main idea is free space, where there are no complex details, expensive things. This style is characterized primarily by large open spaces that avoid clear divisions, large windows and high ceilings. This is a somewhat extravagant style that combines modern elegance, minimalism with eclectic living room furniture, sometimes specially aged.

If you follow a few important rules for arranging in a loft style, you can create the living room of your dreams!


Lofts offer a huge space that can be created and freely modified, like a theater set. Stylish space is of great importance for those who value freedom – urban individualists. The complete absence of partitions creates a feeling of freedom!

Decoration Materials


If the living room is spacious, you can choose brick walls. Their texture will give an excellent effect (especially in the evening with sufficient lighting). Brick walls can be left natural or painted in light, muted tones, depending on the rest of the décor.

Architectural concrete

This is another material that is ideal for a loft-style living room. The material will give the room severity. But in combination with industrial lamps or appropriate images, the living room will acquire a different, industrial character. Concrete, depending on preference, can be smoothed, or given any texture.


Wood allows you to create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Experienced designers recommend combining wood with other finishing materials. If the living room wall is decorated with vertical boards, it will visually raise the ceiling. Good wood goes well with red brick.

Color spectrum

Of course, the most non-trivial solution is to simply paint the wall in a certain color. When choosing the color of the walls in the loft style, it is necessary to take into account the size of the living room and the availability of natural light. In small rooms, bright shades are most effective, which optically enlarge the room. If the room is large, you need to choose darker shades of gray. It is important that the walls in the loft living room do not look too luxurious.

The colors of the interior significantly affect the appearance of the room, so for the living room it is worth choosing colors that will make it cozy. A very common solution in such an interior is stylistic processing, which consists in choosing a solid color base for walls, floors and furniture, combined with bright accessories.

Depending on the effect to be achieved, different colors and shades are selected:

A more rustic interior uses rich, vibrant colors of earth, woods in beiges and browns.

If you’re creating a living room with a modern feel, choose a balanced color palette of gray, white, black, and subtle color accents.


Lighting is a super important element in any room. Thanks to this, you can give the appropriate atmosphere to the space. A loft-style living room is most often equipped with reflector lamps that mimic the lighting found in factories. These are large metal lamps that give a lot of light. It is better to install LED bulbs with warm light in them.

There is a wide range of floor lamps on the market. Tripod lamps are perfect for a loft-style living room. Cables can also become decoration. That is why designers do not recommend masking them. Fixtures that resemble regular light bulbs, contrasting with the wall and ceiling, are also a good choice.

Stylish lighting – a lamp with a wire shade, pendant lamps – the quintessence of loft style!

Loft furniture

It is mostly simple in form, minimalistic. Metal and wood are welcome. A living room in this style will not do without industrial style console tables, a coffee table. They may have a metal top. An equally interesting idea is to use old boards.

The same applies to metal furniture elements. In addition to the fact that metal furniture is durable, it fits perfectly into the loft style. The living room will also acquire originality through the use of concrete furniture. It can be a fireplace, an armchair or even a concrete pot. An equally important element of the loft living room interior is the leather upholstery of the sofa. And for those who prefer a softer indoor atmosphere Linen furniture upholstery can be an interesting idea.

Furniture corresponding to the loft style is made from:

  • wood and metal;
  • concrete and leather;
  • glass.

Attic furniture, such as shelves or metal chairs, is still considered very fashionable. This furniture creates a feeling of lightness and spaciousness in the living room. In this case, you do not need to limit yourself to the severity of the forms. You can focus on warm colors and varied textures of other elements.


The key when choosing accessories for such an interior is to avoid overly bright pop colors, large prints and geometric patterns. Fabrics and materials with a slightly dull, faded appearance are great for this. However, if the furniture, walls and floor in the loft living room are designed in the same monochrome colors, the accessories should compare favorably in color.

Large paintings or photographs are great for this style. For a brighter effect, you can put them on the floor.

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