Ways To Spruce Up Your Garden On A Budget

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With the summer coming your attention starts to turn to your garden as you look to spend more time outside of your house than in it. After the winter it can be all too common for gardens to look a little lackluster and be in need of some TLC. The good news is you do not need a huge budget to spruce up your garden. There are a lot of little changes you can make or hints, tips, and tricks that can make all the difference to your garden and very little difference to your bank balance. So if you are looking to breathe a new lease of life into your outside space without a huge budget then here are some top budget friendly garden ideas.

Repurpose old furniture 

Garden furniture can be some of the more expensive garden items and are seldom budget friendly. So, if you are in need of some new garden furniture, why not repurpose or upcycle your old furniture or materials that you already have or have bought second hand. Wooden pallets are a great item to use, they are versatile, strong and durable. Wooden palette can be used to create tables, benches and planter boxes. They can be easily painted to the color you want and sealed using products such as UC Coatings Anchorseal to ensure their longevity. Not only is upcycling a savvy solution to your budget constraints it will also produce unique results and allow you to get creative with your garden. 

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Use paint

If your fences are looking a little worse for wear opt to paint instead of replace. A lick of paint can transform an old and dilapidated fence into a bright and fresh space that can provide the perfect backdrop to your garden. To give your garden a touch of luxe on a budget then consider going bold and painting your fence black. It might sound garish but black can be a particularly stylish look that compliments green foliage perfectly. Black fencing accentuated by plants and chic garden furniture can change the entire look and feel of your garden without leaving a dent in your budget. 

While on the subject of painting, you garden furniture can also benefit from a fresh lick of paint. If you have wooden garden furniture then all you need to do is ensure it is clean, dry and sanded down before you update it with the paint of your choice. 

Add a fire pit

Fire pits can make for a great focal point of a garden and provide users with the perfect social space on cooler nights. You do not have to spend lots on an expensive chiminea, in fact you could even build you own fire pit. It can be easy to do and guests will love sitting around your cozy, rustic fireplace as the sun starts to set.  

Use gravel 

If you want to undertake slightly more extensive work such as forging new paths or areas in your garden then gravel is one of the cheaper materials to use. Slabs and stones can look great but they come at quite a cost and require a lot of ongoing maintenance.  To keep your expenditure down opt for gravel paths. 

Clean your garden

One of the simplest hacks around, and cheapest, is to simply tidy up your garden. Tidying your garden will leave it looking good as new and all it has cost you is your time. Start with mowing the lawn, weeding the flowerbeds, cleaning down all the furniture, and putting away everything that is not needed. For a more extensive clean and more notable outcome then extend your cleaning to jet washing the paving and any brickwork in your garden. 

Budget friendly lighting

As with the inside of your home, adding soft lighting to your garden can do wonders for creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Installing garden lighting can be a costly and complex affair that involves a professional call out. To help keep this cost down consider using solar lights or a battery powered alternative. If you can, hang lighting from trellises, wrap them around trees or posts and be sure to use different light sources from different focal points. This will not only illuminate your garden as the sun sets but also give it a touch of creative flair. 

Consider an outdoor rug

If your flooring has seen better days and the jet wash hasn’t managed to bring it up to scratch then consider opting for an outdoor rug. Outdoor rugs are a stylish addition to any outdoor seating space and can be great for hiding away sub par flooring. 

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