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What A Lindsey Graham Win Means For The Supreme Court



Amy Coney Barrett

In tonight’s first televised presidential debate, former Vice President Joe Biden is sure to throw a punch concerning President Trump’s pick of Amy Coney Barrett as America’s next Supreme Court Justice.

Barrett is a devout Catholic. Expect Biden to use Democrat talking points on how Barrett and Trump will set the clock back 50 years if she is appointed.


In the U.S. Senate,  Republicans hold a narrow 53-seat GOP majority.

Two Republicans are already opposed to filling the seat before the election and Democrats are in lockstep opposition.

Senator Lindsey Graham – Elections Do Have Consequences

The U.S. Senate race between Lindsey Graham and Jaime Harrison could flip the senate. Democrats could gain a senate majority should Graham lose.

The race will definitely have an impact on future Supreme Court nominations, regardless of whether Trump wins re-election or not.

National pollsters state that Graham is in the political fight of his life.

Tuesday, November 3, will be a monumental day for Horry County voters.



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