Hilarious “X” user comments on lost $80 million F-35 plane over North Charleston

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Over the weekend the U.S. Government lost an F-35 stealth jet plane in North Charleston, S.C. The plane is valued at $80 million.

The Joint Base Team of Charleston and the U.S. Government reached out to X (formerly Twitter) to help locate the plane.

The comments have our team at MyrtleBeachSC News rolling in the office floor.

I can no longer in good conscience yell at my wife for loosing her keys.

Have you tried walking through the parking lot pressing the remote over and over?

F 35 Ukraine

Check with Ukraine…

Try the Apple Air Tag “Find my app”

F 35 no lowballerrs

No low ballers…. I know what I got.

F35 Facebook Marketplace

Will trade for super-yacht. Serious inquiries only.

F 35 Icloud

Log in to iCloud, go to “Find my F-35,” follow the loud ping sound.

F 35 Trailer Home Parts
It’s in Appalachistan now! Apparently the Hillbillies have it. Converted to monster moonshine production. STRIPPED AND USED FOR TRAILER HOME REPAIRS.

What is a F-35 Jet?

The F-35 Jet, also known as the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, is a fifth-generation multirole fighter aircraft. It is designed to perform various mission types, including air superiority, ground attack, and reconnaissance. The F-35 is a product of international collaboration, with multiple variants developed for the United States Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps, as well as several allied nations.

The F-35 features advanced stealth capabilities, allowing it to evade detection by radar systems. It incorporates a combination of low observable features, such as radar-absorbing materials, internal weapon bays, and advanced avionics, to reduce its radar cross-section. This makes it highly effective in maintaining air dominance and striking targets with precision.

The aircraft boasts impressive maneuverability and speed, thanks to its powerful engine and aerodynamic design. It can achieve supersonic speeds without the need for afterburners. Additionally, the F-35 utilizes advanced sensor systems for enhanced situational awareness, including a distributed aperture system that provides 360-degree coverage around the aircraft.

The F-35’s capabilities are further enhanced by its sophisticated avionics and software systems. It employs a state-of-the-art sensor fusion technology, which combines data from its various sensors, such as radar, infrared, and electronic warfare systems, to provide pilots with a comprehensive picture of the battlefield. This enables them to make informed decisions and execute missions effectively.

Overall, the F-35 Jet represents a significant advancement in military aviation, offering unmatched versatility, stealth, and advanced capabilities to ensure air superiority and mission success.

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