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Fewer Younger Black Bikers 2019

Younger Bikers Largely Stayed Home

The Myrtle Beach bike loop was once again not employed Saturday night. Saturday also featured numerous flashing hotel vacancy signs along Ocean Boulevard and fewer bikers than the anticipated 100,000 cruising the strip.

City of Myrtle Beach officials believed the loop was not necessary.

From covering the entire Grand Strand reporting on Saturday, MyrtleBeachSC news noted a disproportionate number of Harley Davidson riders this year as opposed to previous years.

Harley Davidson riders tend to be older.

Traditionally. Memorial Day Bike Week features younger bikers riding Suzuki or Kawasaki bikes. This demographic largely stayed home in 2019.

These Japanese manufactured bikes make a much higher pitched sound on the highway. While younger millineal and Gen Z tourists were in town, the video put up today, just below, shows the variety of bikes that were present this weekend.

Warning – graphic language at the end of this video

From North Myrtle Beach into Myrtle Beach and down to Murrells Inlet, officials report that this was among the quietest of Memorial Day bike weekends in the past decade.



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