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David Hucks is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at

Pardon Our Interruption: Cyber Attacked

If you regularly follow,  you will note that our ability to report was completely shut down several times in 2016. MYRTLEBEACHSC.COM WORKS FOR OUR READERS IN...

Myrtle Beach Lifeguards Found Not Certified

A lifeguard contracted with Lacks Beach Service asleep at his post in July Myrtle Beach Lifeguards Suspended Myrtle Beach has been invaded by hordes of  Jellyfish just...

The Coming I 73 Head On Collision

Chamber of Commerce Puts All Out Media Blitz for I 73 The City of North Myrtle Beach voted yesterday to recommend the construction of I...

Jellyfish Invasion Indicates Unhealthy Waters: Beaches Requested Closed

Lifeguards request Myrtle Beach Closed temporarily from Jellyfish Invasion Jellyfish Stings Widely Reported UPDATE TO ALL: THE SWIMMING BAN HAS NOW BEEN EXTENDED THROUGHOUT TODAY (AUG 1st)...

City of North Myrtle Beach Disapproves Of Tourist Tax

NMB Continues To Offer Most Preferred Area Beaches Among Tourists   NORTH MYRTLE BEACH PUTS TOURISTS'  NEEDS AND BRAND QUALITY FIRST City of North Myrtle Beach Disapproves...

July: 63 Tourists Report Getting Sick; Unsafe Bacteria Spikes 40 Times Above Safe

As of today, has received reports of now 63 people who have experienced different levels of illnesses from swimming in the Myrtle Beach...

3 Reasons Millennials Aren’t Choosing Myrtle Beach

A recently released May 2016 study by Harris has uncovered 3 reasons why millennials aren't choosing Myrtle Beach in the same proportions as their baby...

Horry County Glenns Bay Road Widening Draw

Glenns Bay Road is a major roadway that connects Surfside Beach at Highway 17 to Highway 17 Bypass. It starts in Surfside Beach and...

Several SC State Senators Facing Jail Time

SC State Senators Facing Jail Time If Indicted From Today's  S.C. Supreme Court Ruling SC Congressmen Facing Same Investigation. Locals Hope for Soon End To Political Statewide/County...

Did County Falsify Safety Records To Close Skydive Attraction?

Local Attraction claims Horry County Falsified Safety Records to have their attraction closed FAA Letter Appears to Corroborate Claims Horry County Falsified Safety Records Yesterday,   Certified...

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