Carolina Forest Resident Has Not Seen His 4 Children In 15 Months

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David Hucks
David Hucks
David Hucks is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at

Carolina Forest resident Ashton Moore has not seen his children (ages 2 years to 9 years old) in 15 months.

Moore was beaten by his wife. She has been charged with Criminal Domestic Violence, yet, the court appears incapable of righting this wrong.

Today, Moore pleaded with Senator Luke Rankin and the Judicial Merit Selection Committee (JMSC) to fix the broken S.C. family court system. Moore says he has no desire to be caught up in a political quagmire. He simply wants to be a dad. He wants to be able to hold and see his children.


After almost 30 years in office, Rankin’s entire June primary campaign centered around family court. With the help of a few, colorful characters, Rankin was able to spread lies across social media which were then picked up by paid, local press.

We say paid, because the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber gives the parent companies of these news outlets each up to $1 million in tax funded advertising per year. Rankin wrote the Senate Version of the law that allows the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber to collect $24 million annually in those advertising funds.

Rankin and pro Rankin special interest groups then spent $1 million in Rankin propaganda promoting this narrative. *Our readers should note, Judge Bromell Homes, appointed by Rankin and the JMSC, was removed from this high profile case for cause.

The strategy worked, however. Rankin won re-election.

Questions remain as to where Rankin really stands on Judicial Reform. Was it just a short term political ploy, or does he really care about the issue? We reached out to Rankin yesterday. He refused to respond.

Brenda Bethune eagerly made campaign events on behalf of Rankin, and yet Myrtle Beach Businesswoman Ann Dunham posted this today:

Rankin’s duplicitous campaign efforts are now being employed by other candidates in S.C. running for office in a copy-cat strategy.

More Campaign Garbage

Kimbrell is running against longtime Democratic state Sen. Glenn Reese of Inman. The Democrat, (Reese), and Rankin are friends. While Rankin poses as a Republican, he consistently votes with Reese’s party.

Tom Herron, Chad Caton, and John McGinnis. McGinness created a “one-sided” false narrative filled with what McGinnis knew were lies. Caton promoted and distributed those lies across social media. Herron was the key operative. The 3 discussed the strategy before it was ever launched. These 3 were able to help Rankin win.


Like so many trapped in this horror story, Moore says he just wants to be a dad.

However, MyrtleBeachSC News must report the politics behind this, because money and politics are driving this.


Moore states that after 4 hours in mediation, he was told by lawyer Thomas W. Winslow, “You are not leaving this room until you sign the document we have before you.” Moore stated, that after spending $70,000 with Winslow, he felt coerced. He signed the document under duress and now regrets doing so.

You can hear Moore’s complete statement in the video above.

Winslow is the business partner of Senator Stephen Goldfinch

Mr. Moore made us aware that Senator Rankin and the JMSC have plans to give Winslow a Judgeship later this year.

MyrtleBeachSC News checked it out and it is true. Rankin plans to replace the highly respected and highly regarded Benjamin H. Culbertson with Winslow.

Said Moore, “I hear that Tom Winslow is up for a Judgeship, and seeing him operate as a lawyer in the courtroom on multiple occasions, I would tell them they might want to look in a different direction. I think any experienced lawyer…. I think he would have a hard time controlling his courtroom.

With the ongoing issue of Covid, Moore said he is having a tough time simply getting a court date.

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