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Every Local Knows And Loves Gene Ho

After more than 30 years of photographing families, weddings, and marriages Gene Ho is one of the best known business owners in the City...

Black Bike Week Officially Cancelled. Black Bikers Unlikely To Come

Atlantic Black Bike Week was officially cancelled in February by town officials. The festival is often called Myrtle Beach Black Bike Week. Festival attenders have reported...

DiSabato, Vaught, Carotti Play Politics With Transparency On Legal Fees

In an unprecedented move, at last Tuesday's Horry County Council meeting, Councilman Dennis DiSabato called a special order to end council session before...

Area Gas Prices Soar To $2.75 Per Gallon

Horry County gas prices soared to an average of $2.75 per gallon as the weekend approached. A 12 cent gas taxed passed by the...

New Report: S.C. Leads The Nation In Bad Roads

Despite a 12 cents per gallon gas tax passed by the S.C. legislature in 2017, S.C. leads the nation in bad roads...

Rankin – Hembree – Leatherman Kill Constitutional Carry

Horry County Senator Luke Rankin led the charge in killing a bill that would guarantee Horry County residents their constitutional right to carry. North Myrtle...

Sources Report Shooting At Fountainbleau Inn

Sources are reporting a shooting at Fountainbleau Inn Wednesday night at 10:15 p.m. The victim was shot 4 times. The suspect is at...

Arrigo Carotti & Dennis DiSabato Have Explaining To Do On County’s Legal Fees

Horry County residents were stunned last night when Councilman Dennis DiSabato abruptly asked for an adjournment of council session before key items were to...

Carolina Forest Resident Concerns Halt Gardner Lacy Development

After hearing from scores of Carolina Forest residents about their concerns over flooding, Horry County Council voted to not approve a second rezoning request...

How A Legal Settlement Helped The Debt Woes Of Myrtle Beach For Now

Myrtle Beach is by far the most liberal city on the Grand Strand. The city is debt ridden. Moody's rates the city's...

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