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Residents First

Residents Angered By High Bacteria Levels On Beaches

Residents Angered Market Common The NRDC has put out a new KNOW BEFORE YOU GO Ocean Water Quality rating system to inform tourists and residents concerning beaches in America. Myrtle...

Myrtle Beach Ocean Water Quality: Code Yellow

The highly regarded Smithsonian Magazine has now teamed up with the Natural Resources Defense Council in rating the quality of all beaches across America.   The...

Myrtle Beach Water Quality. Are We “Turning The Tide?”

OPINION PAGE In a meeting with local residents this past Thursday,  City Government explained the new retention pond being installed by the Walmart Neighborhood store...

40 Ton Rare Right Whale Sighted

  In the last week,  just off our coast,  a rare right whale has been sighted near Folly Beach, S.C. These 40 ton right whales historically winter...

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