Crown Reef Resort sued after 4 year old drowns in pool

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David Hucks
David Hucks
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The family of a 4-year-old girl from Kentucky who drowned while on vacation in Myrtle Beach is taking legal action against the Crown Reef resort where the incident occurred, alleging that unsafe conditions and inadequate supervision ultimately caused the tragic death.

Demi Williams passed away on April 1, 2021 at Crown Reef Resort, located at 2913 S. Ocean Blvd. She was the first of two children to drown at the resort within a week. The second child, 5-year-old Shane Chester from Darlington, was found in the hotel’s pool on April 8 and unfortunately passed away at Grand Strand Regional Medical Center.

Destiny, Williams’ mother, was accused of child neglect shortly after her daughter’s passing. However, the charges were dropped on March 5, as noted in court documents.

The lawsuit alleging wrongful death was submitted to the court in Horry County on March 27. It includes Crown Reef Resort as a defendant, as well as six unidentified individuals who are expected to be named in the future.

“Defendants John Does 1-6, who are currently unidentified, caused harm to the Plaintiff through their negligence. John Does 1-5 may be individuals such as employees, agents, landlords, owners, managers, independent contractors, lifeguards, vendors, or other service providers,” according to the lawsuit.

Williams requested her mother to try out the lazy river attraction at the resort on the day she passed away, after seeing her older sister enjoy it.

Destiny’s mother became worried when she failed to return from the loop, and was eventually discovered in a nearby pool.

According to the lawsuit, there was no lifeguard present at the time and the lighting at the attraction was not sufficient.

Crown Reef Resort is facing a lawsuit for failing to prevent a death due to negligence, with Williams’ estate seeking unspecified damages.

In 2020, the Myrtle Beach resort faced a lawsuit for identical allegations following the drowning of a 7-year-old at the same location in 2018.

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