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Mayoral candidate Ed Carey addressed a concerned group of residents at the Dunes Club on Tuesday, August 8th.   Afterwards, Carey took questions from the group.  Residents expressed their frustrations that ran the spectrum from city-wide crime, a lack of downtown growth, heavy handed government practices, un-audited tax funded organizations, to current issues in how city government has alienated county residents.

Carey patiently fielded every question. With great humility, he was non-political in his responses and ducked not one question.   His answers showed a full grasp of the problems at hand.  Carey offered clear and practical solutions which resonated well with those in attendance.

Carey is most known for his work at Market Common.  He was an instrumental part of making that project one of the exceptional components of what is current Myrtle Beach. His sense of precise detail was exampled by his responses during yesterday’s question and answer.  It was obvious that Carey has been listening.  He has been a regular presence at city council meetings over the past few years.

Carey has invested much time in learning all facets of city government. His knowledge of all affairs Myrtle Beach became evident as he explained how he would consolidate redundant areas inside the government that did not serve the residents nor the business community well.

Carey’s leadership, as expressed yesterday, exampled a solution oriented, no drama, team building approach to the problems facing Myrtle Beach.  His time at the podium also showed that he is listening to the community as well.  His approach to concerns from residents was refreshing.

While MyrtleBeachSC.com was not able to include the entire one hour question and answer session, key moments of the address can be seen in the video above.

Residents who asked questions,  were unfortunately,  not miked.

Ed Carey for Mayor
Ed Carey Addresses Resident Concerns

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