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Fake PAC sends out Mark McBride hate mailer

Two suspicious mailers went out today attacking candidate Mark McBride. McBride is running in the District 107 special election being held this coming Tuesday.

The mailers were supposedly sent by Americans United For Values with a 2734 Beaver Run Boulevard, Surfside Beach address.

We drove by the building today. The property is vacant and for lease.

Building is owned by Saib Yasemin of Florida

The Americans United for Values is not a registered PAC with the State of S.C. This shady group should be in violation of state campaign laws. Such is the current S.C. political climate.


We saw the very same from a “supposed group” called the The South Carolina Industry Project. Their website states The South Carolina Industry Project (SCIP) is a part of the American Industry Project.

A key ad buying signator for SCIP also hails from Surfside Beach. This person is, himself, a local, and rising politician.

SC Watchdog

The SCIP group spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in hateful T.V. ads broadcasting “one sided”, half truths and lies against Luke Rankin’s political opponent. Such was required to help Rankin escape a narrow win in a recent run-off election for S.C. District 33.

Like this current group, SCIP did not file with the state. These groups file Federally, thereby avoiding exposing themselves in state elections. However, rest assured, these groups are very local and lead by local household names.

Why do they do this? Because voters consistently buy into such nonsense.

Look for more mailers like the below daily tomorrow, and Saturday.

Mark McBride served on city council in the late 1990’s
Half Truths and outright lies from 22 years ago – 1998
More decades old dirt.

This group will spend more in campaign ads than McBride owes in back taxes.



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