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Governor McMaster Meets With City Of North Myrtle Beach Leaders – “Among Safest And Best S.C. Beaches”

Governor Henry McMaster met affectionately with the city of North Myrtle Beach, and its Mayor,  Marilyn Hatley today calling the city one of smiling faces and beautiful places.

When asked, Governor McMaster said he attributes the outstanding success of North Myrtle Beach to “beautiful places, smiling faces, good leadership, great people, the ocean, the weather, all of the above,  all of those assets.”

The City of North Myrtle Beach is rated among the most successful and  safest beach cities in America,  but the city is often confused with its much troubled nearest neighboring city, Myrtle Beach, because of the similarities in names.

Leaders of the highly inclusive, yet very safe, upscale beach city have taken a statesman’s approach of saying little concerning the now ongoing issues surrounding the city of Myrtle Beach.

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North Myrtle Beach
Downtown North Myrtle Beach is Downtown USA

Informed, longer stay families, however,  are more and more choosing this safe, upscale and family friendly environment.    While some brand confusion with its neighbor to the south still does exist,  today’s more internet savvy tourists know that a vacation to, (what Governor McMaster called today), ” this paradise” is safe, friendly, relaxing and first rate.

Little Girl NMB
Longer Stay Families Are Choosing North Myrtle Beach

Governor McMaster entertained a packed house at the Barefoot Resort Convention Center.  The audience was as thrilled to be with him as much as they were to be with their Mayor. Mayor Marilyn Hatley consistently polls as the best Mayor in Horry County and among the best in the State of S.C.

The Governor and business leaders alike waited their turns having photos taken with the North Myrtle Beach Mayor for the press.

Governor McMaster also visited the city of Myrtle Beach earlier in the day to discuss the problems that city is having with gang related tourists who participated in a shoot-out last week.

The city of Myrtle Beach is a city thirty miles to the south of the city of North Myrtle Beach.

While just, at times,  30 minutes drive time separates the two cities,  tourists and locals alike say the atmosphere and experiences are as if from two entirely different worlds.



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