How to Find Your Retirement Home in a Vibrant and Historic Neighborhood: A Guide for 50+ Adults

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Marleny Hucks
Marleny Hucks
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After spending their youth in a hectic job, everyone wants a slow, smooth, and peaceful life as a retiree. A lively neighborhood, away from busy city life, with multiple recreation opportunities, can be an ideal place to settle down in your late 50s and looking for a retirement home. 

When you trying to find a suitable neighborhood to relocate after retirement, what are the facts that you need to keep in mind while searching for a perfect area for your retirement home? Is it only the low living cost? No, absolutely not. 

In today’s article, we will guide you to find your dream retirement neighborhood. We also have suggested some areas that might be of your liking. Don’t forget to go through the whole article!

How To Choose A Neighborhood For Retirement?

As an aging adult, you can not just choose any place to settle in. You have to see whether there are enough medical services available and whether it is safe and secure. But that’s not all. Here are the key factors you should consider before choosing your retirement neighborhood. 


Location is one of the first things to consider when choosing a place to settle down. A neighborhood that has an eye-soothing view can brighten up your mood instantly. But at the same time, it can raise the property value, too. 

Also, remember to measure its distance from the central city. Moving somewhere that’s too far from the town is not wise. 

Cost Of Living

Some neighborhoods are extremely expensive, and the maintenance cost is sometimes unbearable for a retiree with limited income. Do your research and select a place where living is much more affordable without compromising any of your basic needs.  

There are few states in the USA that don’t impose taxes on retirees. Those areas are pretty decent options to cut down your living costs.  


Scan the area and see how much you need to travel to access resources like nearby grocery shops, hospitals, airports, local shops, etc. Can you walk to these places? Check the “walkability score” for the area and find out about the primary transportation system. An area with a low walkability score can be a headache as you will need a car to move to every place. 

Health Care

With growing age, illness becomes an undivided part of life. And so, having proper healthcare infrastructure where you live is mandatory. And most importantly, you should have easy access to it. How many doctors are there to serve you, and how long must you wait to get the service? All of these should be noted to have a proper idea about an area’s health system. 

Senior Amenities

There are communities that are specially for retirees and senior citizens. They enjoy multiple benefits like getting discounts in shops, having reserved seats in public transport, special clubs and cafes for their recreation, and so on. You are fortunate if you can find a community that features such senior amenities.


Who doesn’t want a safe and secure life, right? Look at the crime rates of the area you want to move into. If it is high, avoid that area at all costs. 

Gated communities excellently fulfill the demand for a safe area. There is 24-hour monitoring and strict security at the entrance. If your budget allows, try to move into a community that is always guarded. 


Selecting a place that has suitable weather for you is also necessary. If you have specific health conditions, you should avoid staying in an environment that may aggregate it. Also, places with too much rain or flood bring unwanted headaches. When you do your research, keep that in mind, too. 

Some Vibrant And Historic Neighborhoods You Can Move To 

We have already told you how you can find a decent neighborhood to move into after retirement. And to make your job a little easier, we have also picked some places and listed them below. Take a look and see whether they fit your criteria for an ideal retirement home.

1. East Boston, MA

With its beautiful skyline and greeneries, East Boston is now one of the most preferred neighborhoods to move into. Multiple museums and cultural establishments bear the proof of their historical background and are attracting more people. 

One of the benefits of living in East Boston, MA, is its multiple housing options. Though the condos are mostly popular, there are also numerous single homes, family homes, and townhomes. You will have a variety of options while selecting a property according to your budget and needs. 

The neighborhood has a strong community but maintains the utmost privacy and security at the same time. Easily accessible public transportation makes the area more likable to the newcomers.

2. Pearl District, Portland, Oregon

If we look back to the 1980s, Pearl District didn’t exist. In its place, there were warehouses. In fact, the whole district used to be known as the warehouse district. But now, take a look and see how urbanization has evolved the neighborhood. 

It is now home to numerous art galleries, more than 50 restaurants, shopping malls, and bars. Both nightlife and daytime are equally vibrant and full of life!

If we talk about real estate, hundreds of new, modernized buildings are being built, and condos have gained the most popularity. But you can also find family homes and townhomes that would make a great retirement home. Most people walk to their destinations, while some use public transportation. 

3. Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA 

Highland Park was one of the first subdivisions of Los Angeles. So, needless to say, it has a solid historical background. You can still see the Craftsman-style bungalows that give the neighborhood a vintage look. 

The greenery around the houses makes your home feel like a small part of heaven. The artistic beauty of Highland Park also inspires hundreds of artists, and you can see them roaming the neighborhood all year round. 

The area is vibrant due to the rich blend of culture, and the music-loving community is always lively and cheerful. 

Finding your retirement home in a neighborhood that is vibrant and also fulfills all the criteria can be a little difficult. But we have tried to make a proper guide to make the search easier for you. Was it helpful? Feel free to let us know!

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