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Ken Richardson Impresses Georgetown Republican Women’s Group

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David Hucks
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Ken Richardson spoke to a packed house today in Georgetown County. Per a Campaign HQ poll, Richardson is the leading opponent against Incumbent Tom Rice for U.S. Congressional 7th District.

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The district includes all of ChesterfieldDillonGeorgetownHorryMarlboroDarlington, and Marion counties and parts of Florence county at this time. Redistricting this Fall 2021, may change the counties involved.

The Georgetown Women’s Republican Club held their first ever meeting today. From the size of the crowd in attendance, Georgetown appears ready for this new chapter.

Rounding applause as Richardson says “I could care less about I-73”

Richardson’s largest applause moments happened when he stated he could care less about I-73. “Why should someone save one hour getting to the beach, said Richardson, just to get stuck in local traffic for hours.”

Richardson was the first to speak out against Critical Race Theory

Richardson was the first to speak out against Critical Race Theory (CRT). Richardson’s principled approach and straightforward stand against this theory drew another huge applause from those in attendance.

Richardson thanked the Horry County Republican Women who showed up at a school board meeting in full support during a time when the NAACP was asking Richardson to step down because he opposed CRT.

Said Richardson, “As long as I have a say, Critical Race Theory will never be taught in Horry County Schools.”

Locals share Robin Bittel’s sentiment

Ken graciously pointed out the other candidates running for the U.S. 7th Congressional District who were in the room. He encouraged Republicans to speak well of one another.

A friend of our news outlet, Robin Bittel, posted the above.

From the read of today’s crowd, it is obvious Georgetown Republicans believe Ken Richardson is a man who can get things done.

Richardson’s entire speech can be heard in the video above.



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