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Mark McBride Addresses Dunes Club Forum

Stating that, while he voted along with Myrtle Beach City Council over 92% of the time when he was previously mayor, former Mayor Mark McBride said history has proven him right on those key times when he voted alone.

Mr. McBride addressed a contingent of concerned voters today at the Myrtle Beach Dunes Club.  He was accompanied by candidates Ed Carey and Brenda Bethune.

Mayor John Rhodes was also invited, but did not show.  Speaking of his absence, Candidate McBride said joking, “I’m disappointed the Mayor is not here.  He is preparing for his big fundraising event tonight… his campaign kick off. You’re running for your fourth term. You are going to the group that has funded you with thousands and thousands of dollars. I mean you should walk into that meeting tonight, I mean that should be better than talking to your wife. If you need support, you should certainly be able to get your support from among that group.

Twenty six years, I’ve been fighting for the city of Myrtle Beach. I have been trying to bring issues up and in the city of Myrtle Beach, there is nobody else. Whether there is 21,700 people registered or 30,000 residents, there’s no one that’s gone before the city and fought for these issues any longer than I have,” said McBride.

McBride informed the audience that he had stressed concerns about the need for public safety when he last ran in 2015.  He also stated that he was right on his vote against a city owned convention hotel that came in at over $60 million in tax payer debt. Records show the city still owes $57 million on that facility.

Looking out over the swash at the Dunes Club, McBride said, “It’s kind of interesting when we look out at the beauty,…  the beautiful swash. Did ya’ll know last week that swash was 92 times higher than the safe swimming limits DHEC puts out? That’s an issue.  That’s one of the many issues.”  Environmental groups like the Coastal Conservation League have called bacteria spike issues in Myrtle Beach a public health safety issue.

As to public safety,  Mr. McBride says, “I disagree with Mrs. Bethune.  I think we can put 100 safety officers on the street. If we had done it over the last 24 months we would have had 100 officers on the street. They wanted to deny it.  They didn’t want to talk about it.  I don’t want to hear any more excuses. You can put the officers on the street.  We’ll find a way to do it.”  These remarks were made to a rounding applause from those in attendance.

Concerning his wife, Laura,  McBride said that his wife had given him a second chance and their marriage was better than ever.  He asked city voters to do the same this November 7, 2017.




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