Ocean Lakes Campground bans camper after tourist hit swan with golf cart

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Swannie, a beloved animal at a popular Myrtle Beach campground is recovering after being hit intentionally by a golf cart passenger, according to the campground.

On Wednesday night, Mama Swan, also known as Swannie, was harassed and then hit by someone at Ocean Lakes Campground.

The swan was taken to the Carolina Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Charleston in critical condition.

Ocean Lakes Campground

On Facebook, the center posted the following update:

Although she is facing such a challenging situation, she is doing well. We have talked to several veterinarians, and one of them seems promising as far as taking on this difficult challenge. When I clean her cage or move her to the walker or water to relieve some of the strain on her leg, she doesn’t complain. Hopefully, they will give us a definitive answer tomorrow. Please pray that they will take a chance to help her.”

A person has been banned from the campground after the campground identified the person responsible for injuring the swan.

It was made clear in the Facebook post that we do not tolerate such acts of violence. We enacted a new policy earlier this year that states, “Animal cruelty, harassment, molestation, torture, or injury will not be tolerated.” The policy applies to all wildlife, including waterfowl, nests, and eggs. Please do not catch, take, or sell wildlife. Please do not kill our fish, which are caught and released.”

Ocean Lakes Campground is a popular family-friendly vacation destination located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It is a large, privately owned campground that offers a variety of accommodation options, including campsites with full hook-ups, rental trailers, and beach houses. The campground features numerous amenities and activities, such as an Olympic-size outdoor swimming pool, an indoor pool, a lazy river, mini-golf, basketball and volleyball courts, and a skate park. Additionally, Ocean Lakes is situated on a beautiful stretch of beach, where visitors can swim, sunbathe, and enjoy a variety of water sports. It’s a wonderful place for families to relax, have fun, and make memories.

A huge outpouring of well wishes went out to the hash tag: Swannie Ocean Lakes Campground from visitors.

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