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Phil Noble
Political Pundits Say Businessman Phil Noble more honest, more conservative than current Governor McMaster

Phil Noble Files For Democratic Primary S.C. Governor

Noble:  “This is a fight for the Soul of South Carolina

(Charleston, SC) – Charleston businessman Phil Noble filed this week as a candidate for governor in the June Democratic primary “to fight for the soul of the Democratic Party and the authentic values our party has championed through the years.” According to Noble:

Said Noble, “Our party cannot join with Republicans in turning a blind eye to the corruption that has allowed our infrastructure to crumble, a giant utility monopoly to exploit its ratepayers, and our schools to become the worst in the nation.”

“We have come too far to continue to cower in the face of the NRA when so many of our children fear for their safety at school. We cannot continue to covet its ratings and endorsements at the expense of common sense.   Working people built this state. In hard times, they have been the ones who have pulled us through. They are the ones who have demanded good jobs for our communities and health care for all our people. They are the ones who built a middle class in the state and have kept small businesses, farms, and tourism alive and flourishing.”

Phil Noble Speaks In Georgetown About S.C. Government

Our opponents have PAC donations, big corporations, and dark money they can funnel to public officials. Working people in South Carolina have the Democratic Party and I am running for governor to insure they will always have the loudest and strongest voices at the table without compromising or coddling up to Republicans and the special interests.”

“My campaign is all about big change and real reform, right now, to insure that our future is bright and filled with opportunity for our citizens.  I’m looking forward to challenging the corruption of a broken system which has put South Carolina at the bottom of every list on which we should place at the top. The time for excuses has long passed and the people have had it with the status quo at the Statehouse. Our only real solution is major reform and today, I’ve filed as the reform candidate on the Democratic ticket for Governor.”

The Primary is on June 12th. The winner of each Republican and Democratic Primary will go on to November 6th General Election Day.



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