Simple Steps for a Contemporary Living Room Update

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Marleny Hucks
Marleny Hucks
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Finding a contemporary look in your living room may be challenging, but with these easy steps it can become an inviting and stylish retreat. From furniture pieces to pillows and wall art – these steps will help create the ultimate contemporary living room look!

1) Start With the Essentials

Starting off right is essential when designing a contemporary living room. Consider having professional flooring installers update your flooring with sleek, modern materials like hardwood or vinyl. Next, find modern furniture pieces with clean lines and geometric shapes to add openness and modernity into the mix.

Opt for light neutral colors on both walls and ceiling to bring more natural light and freshness into the room, and decorate with elements such as throw pillows, plants, rugs, wall art that add pops of color without ruining its clean and fresh appearance. With these basic principles in place, you can now begin layering decorative elements to express your individuality and fully customize the look of a contemporary living room.

2) Accessorize for Perfection

Once the essentials are in place, it’s time to add character and detail. Look for modern art pieces or wall hangings that bring together the color palette in your living room and incorporate vibrant hues with bold patterns for an infusion of life into a modern living space. Throw pillows are another great way to introduce bright hues while adding comfort.

Last, but certainly not least, don’t overlook lighting! Try adding floor and table lamps to illuminate your living space and create an inviting ambience. Install a dimmer switch for additional control over how much light comes through at any one time – perfect for setting different moods depending on the time of day! With thoughtful accessories you can transform your living room from plain to chic quickly!

3) Put it All Together

Once your basics and accessories are in place, it’s time to complete your contemporary living room’s look by carefully placing furniture pieces so they complement each other while creating an engaging dialogue area.

Art pieces should be placed strategically to catch the eye without becoming overwhelming or too crowded, while shelves for books or decorative accessories will add the final touches and make your living room an elegant space! With these simple steps you’ll transform your living room into an inviting modern sanctuary!

4) Admire Your Results

Once you’ve applied all of these steps, sit back and admire your hard work! Be proud to show off your modernized living room to family and friends alike – now that you have these tips under your belt, they can be applied to update any room in your home!

Designing a contemporary living room is easier than you may realize! Start with the basics, add accessories with care and create an inviting atmosphere – then relax in your modern sanctuary as a result of all your hard work!

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