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Myrtle Beach City Council

City to spend over $10 Million for Midtown Motel, and pieces needed for Downtown Masterplan

Myrtle Beach City Council will meet tomorrow to approve the purchase of 6 parcels from 7th Ave. North Ocean Boulevard to 8th Ave North...

Lawsuit: Myrtle Beach councilman underpaid employees, stole tips

A lawsuit was filed on  August 1st claiming that Myrtle Beach City Councilman Michael Chestnut and his restaurant, Big Mike’s Soul Food, violated the...

How A Myrtle Beach Insider Earns A Quick $59 Million From The City

Arthur Herbert Lachicotte, Jr.—known to all as “Doc”, along with the late Wilson Baker “Teedie” Springs (among others) founded the Ponderosa Group a generation...

John Newman Brings Competence, New Ideas To Council Race

Former City of Myrtle Beach corporate parent Burroughs and Chapin has chosen to invest in Charleston over the downtown area of Myrtle Beach. High...

Retired Battalion Chief Martin Eells Frustrated With City’s Health Benefits Response

Retired Battalion Chief Martin Eells retired after 35 years of amazing service to the City of Myrtle Beach. Today, Eells addressed Mayor Brenda Bethune and Myrtle Beach City Council...

Myrtle Beach City Council Votes To Settle Market Common School Lawsuit

Myrtle Beach City council voted to allow City Manager, Fox Simons, to execute a settlement agreement to resolve its lawsuit with Horry County Schools...

Psychosis: Power of the Myrtle Beach and Horry County Councils

After years of study social scientists and researchers have finally been able to put a finger on exactly what many in today's leadership in...

Myrtle Beach Tourist Discontent Going Viral

NOTE: This article has been edited for clarity regarding the original author of the Facebook post. While it appears evident the City of Myrtle Beach...

Why Locals Lose vs SC Supreme Court Rulings

SC SUPREME COURT GIVES MBACC A PASS. Often there's one question asked which appears a continued theme when fraud or collusion in cities, counties and...

Myrtle Beach Cronyism Continues

It’s a given that large cities have a need for more of just about everything to keep their infrastructure running smoothly on a day...

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