Walter Whetsell

CONUMDRUM: 21% care about politics. 100% care about government

The June 2022 primaries were a big win for Horry County's political powerhouse, the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce. We detailed the big...

New District 61 John Cassidy Has Compelling Life Story

John Cassidy, of Conway, S.C. is a candidate running for the newly created Conway/Carolina Forest District 61 State Representative seat. His life story can be...

After Endorsing Ho, Former Mayor’s Facebook Account Shut Down

Last night, Former Mayor Mark McBride went on the record officially endorsing Gene Ho for Mayor of Myrtle Beach. City of Myrtle Beach residents vote...

As A Life-Long Myrtle Beach Business Owner, Ho Takes Firm Stance Against Downtown Crime

Myrtle Beach Mayoral Candidate Gene Ho told a packed Market Common audience last night, "On day one, not when I take office, on day...

Mayor Bethune Chooses Biden Approach To Campaigning – Skips Debates

Candidates vying to be the mayor of Myrtle Beach will face off during a debate tonight. Myrtle Beach incumbent Mayor Brenda Bethune notified the...

Is Stephen Goldfinch’s Political Career As Dead As The Zebra He Shot?

District 34 S.C. Senator Stephen Goldfinch recently made statements to the media that simply do not add up. Most incredible among these are that local...

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