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New District 61 John Cassidy Has Compelling Life Story

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David Hucks
David Hucks
David Hucks is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at

John Cassidy, of Conway, S.C. is a candidate running for the newly created Conway/Carolina Forest District 61 State Representative seat.

His life story can be heard here and it is compelling.

He recently spoke to American Conservative Voices. He told a remarkable true life story of how his family and business worked its way through two overwhelming floods in Conway over the past few years.

A small business owner, Cassidy knows how to meet deadlines, manage teams, work through teams, build like-minded coalitions, and serve.

Cassidy is a resident “first” focused candidate. He brings an exciting “new brand” of leadership to what has been a very stale local Horry County MBACC minded delegation.

He is running against Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce Board Member Carla Schuessler. Schuessler works for Greg McCollum, who is the managing partner of the Complete Legal Defense Team, located in Myrtle Beach.

McCollum has historically been a key political operative for the Horry County Democratic party.

As Dale Shoemaker of the Myrtle Beach Sun News reports today: The finance reports show that both [Carla Shuesslar and Val Guest] amassed those [huge campaign] totals because area business leaders, including those serving on the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors, have turned out to donate.

Realtors, Hoteliers, and friends of MBACC, like Benjy Hardee, have quickly raised $42,398.50 for Schuesslar. Her campaign is managed by high profile MBACC related operative Walter Whetsell.

This is the same Walter Whetsell who manages Jenna Dukes (working to unseat Harold Worley in NMB), Tom Rice, Myrtle Beach Mayor Brenda Bethune, Stephen Goldfinch, and a bevvy of other MBACC favored candidates in this cycle.

With I-73 state funding dead on arrival, MBACC feels it is losing political clout in Horry County. As such, the $51 million tax funded “not for profit” is making an all out approach to capture seats for Mark Lazarus, Jenna Dukes and Carla Schuessler on June 14th.

Myrtle Beach Chamber Board Member Carla M. Schuessler Insider Donations

Click Image (then contributions tab) to see all Friends of MBACC Donations made. A.O. Hardee is Benjy Hardee (top). Patrick Norton manages Brittain Resort Hotels.

As Dale Shoemaker of the Sun News reported earlier this week:

Developers have made contributions to Horry County Council candidates well over the state’s $1,000-per-candidate-per-election-cycle limit, according to newly released campaign finance reports. Some of those developers have given to the same candidates multiple times through limited liability companies, or LLCs, and using a part of the state ethics law that allows businesses to donate to political campaigns as individuals. Some experts call it South Carolina’s “LLC loophole.” Others say the practice should end.

“We are one of just a handful of states with a so-called ‘LLC loophole’ in our state campaign finance laws,” Coastal Carolina University politics professor Drew Kurlowski said in an email. “Each organized LLC is a separate ‘individual’ under our laws, with their own campaign donation limit.” 


Duplicates Ink
John Cassidy’s Duplicates Ink is located in Conway, S.C.

From The Duplicates Ink website:

Since 1991 our team at Duplicates INK – marketSMART has embraced the evolution of print and the part it plays as a viable marketing channel.

We have distinctly became unique in our space through developing relationships with our clients that are result centric.  We’re not looking to be known as a vendor but rather than a business partner.  Our success relies on the success of your projects we work on.

Duplicates INK has a distinctly human approach to the printing business. We always figured that putting people before profits just made good commonsense. Our relationship with paper vendors allows us to provide an amazing collection of beautiful, earth-friendly papers from across North America. The local connections we’ve made in our community have helped us create a loyal following, as have our ability to keep promises and to consistently provide strikingly beautiful printing. None of this would be possible, of course, without the people who work here. We call each other “co-workers” and are always focused on hiring and nurturing great people to help us build our company

It is our Mission that Duplicates INK will provide superior value through partnering with our clients as a marketing extension of their existing business. Innovation has always been a core value of ours. We have embraced technology and leveraged our expertise to provide our clients with the unfair competitive advantage.

Cassidy brings that same resident focused mindset to this District 61 campaign.

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