Jenna Dukes

With polls open today, little talk of local politics in Horry County. Here’s why

In May and June, Horry County residents were blitzed by campaign signs, T.V. ads, mailers, and local politics across social media ad nauseum. In person...

Legends Wetlands were bought by Benjy Hardee, brokered by Dukes, Ditched/Drained By Steve Powell & Sold To Lennar

Former candidate for Horry County Council Chair, Katrina Morrison, talked with MyrtleBeachSC News today about the homes currently approved to be built on former...

New District 61 John Cassidy Has Compelling Life Story

John Cassidy, of Conway, S.C. is a candidate running for the newly created Conway/Carolina Forest District 61 State Representative seat. His life story can be...

Horry County’s Strongest Advocate For Resident Focused Government

The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce promised councilmen who voted against their strong-armed agenda that they would see a primary challenger. MBACC kept its...

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