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Johnny Gardner For Horry County Council Chairman

Teachers, Fireman, Policeman Campaign For Gardner

The Peanut Warehouse held the Horry County Stampede this past Saturday. Firemen, County Policemen, and Horry County teachers showed up in support of life-long local, Johnny Gardner.

Gardner is running for Horry County Council Chairman.  His opponent is Mark Lazarus.  The election will be held June 12th throughout Horry County.

Gardner won the straw poll held at the event. 74% of those in attendance chose Gardner.

Gardner Won With 74%

Gardner spoke at the event.  Crowd response made it clear that the firemen, policemen and county employees who attended the rally favored Gardener. MyrtleBeachSC.com put the video of Gardner’s speech online and it became viral locally with over 6,000 views.

Vote June 12th



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