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Well funded group mails out trash letter to Surfside Residents

Just when Surfside Beach residents believed “all things political” were rock bottom, a well funded local group mailed out between $2,000 and $3,000 worth of trash mail to the town yesterday.

Cowardly, Anonymous Mailer

Lack of Transparency

While Town Councilpersons Debbie Scoles and Bruce Dietrich make much of local residents who speak out at meetings, this well funded mailer in support of their human resource policy was, of course, anonymous. The letter had no letterhead and was unsigned.

Sent first class postage with envelopes, each piece of mail came in at just under $1. Costing nearly $3,000.00, the average Surfside Beach resident simply does not have the discretionary income to spend this way. This mail was sent by a well funded, bottom feeding group.


$2,000 to $3,000 spent on mailer to Surfside Residents

The anonymous mean-spirited attacks also continue online. A page formerly known as SURFSIDE STRONG, renamed itself the MYRTLE BEACH CABAL late in 2019. While the page calls itself a Myrtle Beach page, over 90% of the content is dedicated to Surfside Beach issues.

The admin of the page is unwilling to state his or her name. Rhetoric from the page amounts to hate speech against Surfside Beach residents and MyrtleBeachSC News in particular. OF COURSE, once again these attacks are all anonymous.

These attacks are never singled out by Councilpersons Dietrich or Scoles

Councilman Holder, Councilwoman Keating, and Mayor Hellyer lay out their concerns with the state of Surfside Beach.



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