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Different Technologies Used within the Online Casino Industry

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Technology is a massive part of the online casino industry as, without it, there wouldn’t be a platform for these games to exist! However, the technology behind online casinos is constantly evolving as operators develop new ways to incorporate the latest technologies into their games. Just think how far they’ve come since the first online casino sites of the 1990s; the early games had the most basic animation and design, whereas now, the graphics are unbelievably good.

The software behind online casinos and their games 

There are two types of software that concern online casino owners – site software and gaming software. Gaming software encompasses the games created by third-party developers, such as Mercur, Red Tiger, and Big Time Gaming, to name a few. A casino needs to be able to incorporate these games into their site and will often do so in a way where you can search for games by software provider, or they’ll have a megaways games list, a table games list, etc. The site software is software that goes into creating the online casino site. You can choose to write your casino site in HTML5, but most new sites use iGaming products from developers such as SoftSwiss, to allow for easy game integration.

How casinos implement VR and AR

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the latest innovations to come out of the gaming world, so it’s no surprise that online casino sites are looking to integrate them into their games. AR is the enhancement of the real world through technology – so rather than immersing you in a virtual world, it adds visual or auditory information to the real world. Virtual Reality is a technology that consists of a headset and hand controllers that, when worn, give you a fully immersive experience. The game is projected to you through your VR headset, and you can control the world with your hand controllers. Casino sites want to implement this technology to give you the full casino experience without leaving your house.

The technology behind live casino games

Live casino games are live versions of popular casino games, run by real people using physical equipment (cards, roulette wheels, etc.) that you can play from home. These games offer a more immersive casino experience than animated games. The game involves having a live streaming set-up to allow people to watch the action, often with multiple camera angles so that people can get the best view. It also needs a way to link the real-life game to the software the players see on the screen. This is often done with RFID technology, so when a card passes over a sensor in real life, that card appears on the player’s screen. 

The technology behind mobile casino games

Many online casinos have apps you can download and play casino games as if you were on their site. Others will have mobile-optimised websites that allow their players to access their site, just as they would from their computer. Allowing their players to play from anywhere increases the number of players who sign up to their site and the total time that a player spends on their site. To do this, a casino must work with software developers to create an app that works on Android and iOS devices or design their website so that it can be easily viewed on a mobile. It also needs to have some kind of GPS technology to verify the player’s location before they can connect to the site.

The technology behind online casino security 

Online casinos use encryption technology to ensure that all connections made to their site are secure. This means that you can send personal data to them and make deposits without the risk of hackers accessing this information. Some casinos also incorporate blockchain technology to make their sites even more secure. Cryptocurrencies allow users to make fast, secure, and anonymous deposits and withdrawals without the need to provide personal information or payment details to the site. Using bitcoin wallets to store player funds is also incredibly secure, as these wallets cannot be hacked, making it impossible for player funds to be compromised.


As technology evolves, so will online casinos. Site owners are always looking for the latest way to get people to play their games, and players are looking for the next innovation that spices up the traditional casino games. As long as this remains the case, there will continue to be advancements in the industry, whether it’s in security, site software, game development, or mobile gaming. 



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