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Gubernatorial Candidate Templeton Rips Governor McMaster For Ducking Myrtle Beach

S.C. Gubernatorial Candidate Catherine Templeton let loose on what she has called “the place-holder Governor” Henry McMaster after he no showed on the Myrtle Beach Governor’s Forum.   All other Republican candidates for Governor were present and each answered all questions asked.

Said Templeton, “Questions have recently arisen over financial contributions to my opponent’s campaign by a variety of special interest groups including one that is tied to a federal probe within the U.S. Justice Department according to published reports.”

Those published reports, written extensively about here are part of Solicitor David Pascoe’s State-Wide corruption probe which has netted the indictments of Jim Merrill, Bobby Harrell – former S.C. Speaker of the House, and Rick and Richard Quinn.

Richard Quinn, owner of Richard Quinn and Associates, is a political consultant who worked with and for Governor Henry McMaster.

Why would a Georgia Pay Day lender, a Tennessee insurer, a D.C. based developer, and a tobacco conglomerate care about South Carolina?” asks Templeton.

Leading candidates for the 2018 S.C. Governor’s race met Monday at the Crown Reef Convention Center in Myrtle Beach to discuss key issues from questions presented by Myrtle Beach residents.  Templeton stood out at the event. 



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