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Lindsay Graham
U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham Is Most Often At Odds With Trump. Never With McMaster

McMaster Wanted Graham For President, Before He Settled On Trump

Last night’s debate exposed that S.C. Governor Henry McMaster’s first choice for President was S.C. Senator Lindsey Graham.   Most S.C. residents can recall the famous golf swing Graham took destroying his cell phone after President Trump gave out his private number.

Graham and Trump have little in common.  In fact, the two are most often at odds with one another. Graham and McMaster have much in common.  Both are Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce insider favorites.

Rick Quinn Sr
Rick Quinn Sr. Picture Right with his son, left. McMaster’s powerful political consultant brought down by state-wide ethics probe.

Chiefly, however, is their common former political consultant and power broker Richard Quinn, Sr.  Quinn pleaded and turned states evidence this year to avoid criminal prosecution.  Quinn was the most powerful political consultant in the state representing Lindsey Graham, S.C. Senator Luke Rankin, S.C. Senator Pro Tem Hugh Leatherman, and Governor Henry McMaster.

Those birds of a feather have flocked together for decades.

As we reported yesterday Vice President Mike Pence will be in Myrtle Beach on Saturday to campaign with McMaster.  McMaster must win Horry County to win re-election.



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