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Horry County School District

David Cox To Run For Toughest Job In Horry County

Horry County Schools operate at a $767.1 million annual budget. The organization is the largest employer in the fastest growing county in S.C. Since...

Superintendent Rick Maxey Says Legislators Control Covid Legislation For Horry County Schools

Horry County Schools Superintendent Rick Maxey addressed public concerns in a released video on Tuesday afternoon concerning Covid 19 related issues. Dr. Rick Maxey...

How Will Optics From Afghanistan Affect U.S. 7th Primary?

Optics of President Biden's withdrawal from Afghanistan continue to fill the screens of residents in the Pee Dee, as well as, Horry County. To date,...

Myrtle Beach City Council Votes To Settle Market Common School Lawsuit

Myrtle Beach City council voted to allow City Manager, Fox Simons, to execute a settlement agreement to resolve its lawsuit with Horry County Schools...

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