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Myrtle Beach Tourism

30 year established Myrtle Beach Restaurant on sale for $6.2 million

One of the best known Steak & Italian Restaurants in Myrtle Beach has been placed on the market for $6.2 million. Open and successful...

June 2021 Tourism Sets Record For Myrtle Beach Area

The numbers from Coastal Carolina's Brittain Resort For Tourism Center are not in yet, however, early indications show that June 2021 was the best...

City Of Myrtle Beach Law Enforcement Prepares For Graduating Hundred Milers Arriving June 4th

As the Myrtle Beach Black Bikers depart this Memorial Day, the City of Myrtle Beach Hotels prepare for the hundred milers. What are the...

City Of Myrtle Beach Is Number 1 Preferred Minority Destination On The East Coast

Along the East Coast of America, no one is doing a better job at attracting black and minority tourists to its city than...

Wonders Theatre Opens At “New” Broadway At The Beach Venue June 4th

Wonders Theatre, Myrtle Beach’s newest live entertainment attraction, will bring three incredible shows to Broadway at the Beach this summer. The talents of international...

Carolina Country Music Festival Happens June 10th

The Myrtle Beach Country Music Festival will kick off June 10th and run to June 12th on the grounds of the former Myrtle Beach...

All Horry County Pump Shortages To End By May 21st. Gas Price To Remain High

Sources associated with the Colonial Pipeline are stating they expect all Southeastern pump shortages to end by this coming Friday, May 21st. Fuel experts are...

Was Paying $5 Million Ransom Good For Horry County Or America?

The Colonial Pipeline Co. reportedly paid a $5 million ransom to cyberattackers, allowing the vital fuel-shipping system to restart after the hackers had seized control...

Harris Poll: 77% of Americans Planning Summer Travel

WASHINGTON (May 13, 2021)—More than three-quarters of Americans (77%) plan to take a trip this summer, according to the results of a Harris Poll survey requested...

Why Business Travel Is Stronger Than Ever

Traveling for business, either on a business trip or as someone who operates on the road specifically, is in incredibly high demand right now....

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