UNPRECEDENTED: 19 ballot box complaints, residents speak out against 15th Circuit Judge Bromell Holmes

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15th Circuit Judge Bromell Holmes stood before the panel of the Judicial Merit Selection Commission yesterday in hopes of getting an appointment to S.C. Seat 9 of the Court of Appeals.

It was a very bad day for Holmes as her critics spoke out against the judge.

Among Horry and Georgetown County attorneys, 19 filed ballot box complaints against Holmes. This number is unprecedented state-wide.

Columbia, S.C. based Attorney Tucker Player pointed out the judge’s lack of judgement as it related to putting confidential files of an LLR complaint in the public record. The complaint was supposed to be anonymous. Readers can hear Player’s back and forth with the JMSC in the top video above.

Grandmother’s Testimony leaves not one dry eye in the room

JMSC member Ronnie Sabb implored as to why Gallman’s defense attorney did not object when Judge Holmes made the private documents public. Gallman set the record straight, informing the JMSC that Holmes ran a 15 minute hearing where the defense council was not allowed to speak.

Private records, made public by Holmes were later leveraged by JMSC member Senator Luke Ranking in a vicious campaign attack against Gallman.

Luke Rankin JMSC
Senate Judiciary Head Luke Rankin is pensive during JMSC hearing

After 4 years of silence, Gallman sets the record straight on Judge Bromell Holmes

Average residents also spoke out against the judge’s temperament, unprofessional manner, and her lack of character.

Myrtle Beach residents testify against Judge Holmes at JMSC

The day ended with 15th Circuit Judge Bromell Holmes actually lying under oath, telling the commission she had not previously reached out to elected state legislators, when, in fact, she had.

Bromell Holmes lies on camera

15th Circuit Judge Bromell Holmes breaks JMSC rules by reaching out to elected officials. She swore she had not to the JMSC panel.

Bromell Holmes reaches out to elected officials.

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