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With record low turnout, Rankin, Causey, & Calhoun win



Sharon Mayers

Thirty minutes after John Gallman made his concession speech to Incumbent Luke Rankin last night, Sharon Mayers sent Gallman a graphic picture of her middle digit.

Sharon is married to Judge Brad Mayers of Conway S.C.

One of Gallman’s key campaign promises was to overhaul the S.C. Judicial system of which Lawyer/Senator Luke Rankin and his allies on the Judicial Merit Selection Committee pick every judge in the state.

While her sentiment was graphic, it mirrored the tone of most voters in Horry County on Tuesday.

Only 2.83% of voters in the state turned out for these run-off elections. 97.17% of all voters did not vote.


With an estimated $2 million invested in the S.C. District 33 Senate race, expectations were that voter turnout would be extremely high.

It was not. After weeks of watching among the most negative ads in S.C. history, voters decided to sit this one out.

Luke Rankin


Rankin’s key campaign strategy was to skirt his own voting record entirely, while painting his opponent as a wife beater.

Rankin escaped a voter revolt. The 28 year incumbent lives to fight another day.

His star took a certain beating in the process, however.


The Horry County Council run-off for District 9 was won by Mark Causey.

In the run-off for Horry County Auditor, Beth Calhoun defeated Deputy Horry County Treasurer R,A, Johnson



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